A.N.JELL – Drama Concert (Hongki, Jang Geunsuk) [SSTV 090920]

i’m sorry for lacking of updates lately .. T.T ..
i’m having an exams …and subbing is killing me whew! so please understand if im slow sometimes ^^ … i’ll upload something old this week-end to make-up to you big hug
Back to the topic, i had no idea that Geunsuk can really sing XDXD… i’ll be his fan if he has a new single/album big grin And if you notice… that’s C.N Blue’s Yonghwa playing guitar ^^~ … (i didn’t notice he was in the drama tootongue ) Hopefully C.N Blue will debut in korea after this drama love struck



  1. Really thank you *_*
    A.N.Jell POWAAAAAAAA ~~ ♥

  2. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    ^^ Just drag it now ^^

    Thanks for your sharing

  3. Thank you very much ^^

  4. Thank you so much :D. I really want to watch this film, not because of hot boys only XD. It’s a pity, I dont know that YongHwa joined this film, too. Im waiting for seeing CN Blue more =P.

    And how was your exam? I have an exciting news hehe. I will tell you later :P.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Please pay attention on your exam , we can wait.
    Good luck.

  6. thanks for share

  7. thank you so much, can’t wait to watch the drama~

  8. Thank U & good luck 4 ur exams! 加油!

  9. i luv Geun suk

    he so cute.

  10. wohoo A.N JELL
    thankss so much for sharingg 😀

  11. aww you brightened up my day!
    thanks a lot Hailey <33
    and yes GeunSuk can sing, he released a digital single before this for CF (the title: Black Engine aka Black & Jeans):)
    How're your exam? Hope you doing great!

  12. wowwwwwww…. they are so coollllll….
    thanks for sharing!

  13. Thank you soooo mucchhhhh I love Hongki ><

  14. wow! ty!

  15. thanke you a lot thing in the live ❤

  16. Thanks a lot..and good luck for your exam…

  17. OMG!!
    Geunsuk, Hongki and Yonghwa are SO HOT!!
    Thanks a lot for sharing~!
    I just can’t freaking wait for the drama anymore..

  18. ^__^ thanks for sharing o.o!

  19. really curious with this one..sankyuu ^^

  20. take ur time.. it’s good to take a break sometimes.. 😀
    btw i rly love Honggi in this vid.. his style is so coooool.. + he’s playing drums.. omgod.. i don’t mind if Honggi n Minhwan switch their role for a while.. ROFL
    as for Geunsuk.. he’s pretty good w. singing.. listen to his song frm Beethoven Virus OST.. he sings deullinayo which Taeyeon also sings.. i like his version, too.. ❤
    tysm~ ^^

  21. o o o o
    thank you kaa

  22. thank you!! Luv u

  23. thanks a lot…

  24. Thank you so much.:)

  25. I was waiting for this video.
    Thank you so much for uploading. 🙂

  26. thank you!!! i really love it

  27. I luv A.N.JELL!!!
    thnakx 4 share this file
    I was looking for it <333333333

  28. thanks, !!!!

  29. i’m taking this also……tq ssoooooooo much =) love everything bout A.N JELL !!!!!

  30. yeay!i just knew about this cut.. and i’m so happy because ur team has it!
    ur team is really jjang!
    thank you~~

  31. Lascanstria · ·

    waah.. a concert ^^ yay thank you so much for sharing~~

  32. kamsahamnida… dear a.n.jell subbers

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