G-Dragon – This Love (Chocolate 090919) [TS 1920×1088]

His song “This Love” , and Maroon 5’s “This Love”
enjoy ~ don’t forget 2 say thanks ^^~




  1. bondhahnmrt85 · ·

    I want this, upload plz… 🙂

  2. please upload this!

  3. omg pleaseee share this !!


  4. I think he is the hottest guy in Korea right now.

  5. please upload it~^^
    i looove GD’s This Love, soo emotional, so cool^^
    thank u ^^

  6. pls upload….thanks so much!!

  7. please upload i want it thanks

  8. I’d like to request this performance, thanks!

  9. hye there~
    im requesting thiss…

  10. oh, he’s still performing that song o__o

    actually i never liked this one, but still i wanna see how gee is performing it and also what he’s doing with the girl =DD

  11. please please please….upload….I want look performance.

    Thank You very much……..

  12. Pls Pls! ^^

  13. UP…UP…Up!!!

  14. PrincelyLuna · ·

    could you please upload the performance? thanks for sharing.

  15. Please upload this !! ❤
    I love you =)

  16. I request thisssss~
    I like This love so much!!!
    It is a nice song ^^

  17. purplefarm · ·

    woaa really want hd version of this perf

  18. plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    i love GD!!!!

  19. Pleace upload it when you can ^w^

    And I hope you can upload the other songs he sang that day (HeartBreaker Breathe)

  20. thank you so much
    I love G-Dragon
    I want it

  21. i like this song very much,
    waiting for your upload,

  22. Plis, I will love u forever if u upload that xD
    [and the other performances os Chocolate too *-* heartbreaker and breathe ^^]
    thanx ❤

  23. can u upload other perf?
    tnx for share this one

  24. WooW, may u upload this performance?? i love the song and of course i love GD !!!

    Thank you so much

  25. thank you!

  26. wow the file is really big wonder how it works^^

  27. thanks for sharing. 😀

  28. hujanrainamebi · ·

    thx for shared this show.
    want to hear this song with dragon’s version ^^

  29. malditangjen · ·

    wow! thank you for this 😀

  30. thanks!

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