[DVD] My first dream ~ New year concert 2009~




Video_TS 8.62mb [Download]

VTS_01_0 194.07mb [Download]

VTS_01_1 1gb [MediaFire 01] [MediaFire 02] [MediaFire 03] [MediaFire 04] [MediaFire 05] [MediaFire 06]


VTS_01_2 1gb [MediaFire 01] [MediaFire 02] [MediaFire 03] [MediaFire 04] [MediaFire 05] [MediaFire 06]


VTS_01_3 1gb [MediaFire 01] [MediaFire 02] [MediaFire 03] [MediaFire 04] [MediaFire 05] [MediaFire 06] [MediaFire 07]


VTS_01_4 1gb [MediaFire 01] [MediaFire 02] [MediaFire 03] [MediaFire 04] [MediaFire 05] [MediaFire 06] [MediaFire 07]


VTS_01_5 1gb [MediaFire 01] [MediaFire 02] [MediaFire 03] [MediaFire 04] [MediaFire 05] [MediaFire 06] [MediaFire 07]


VTS_01_6 1gb [MediaFire 01] [MediaFire 02] [MediaFire 03] [MediaFire 04] [MediaFire 05] [MediaFire 06] [MediaFire 07]


VTS_01_7 321mb [MediaFire 01] [MediaFire 02]


VTS_02_1 542mb [MediaFire 01] [MediaFire 02] [MediaFire 03] [MediaFire 04]

I will continue my uploading-job in next week. Next DVD is “Livehouse tour 2008″

Credits: Golden @ The Death Blog

Take out with PERMISSION


  1. arzayu_tweety · ·

    omo~~!! i saw wonbin there~!!
    thanks for uploading.. love this so much.. thanks ledoquyen~~!!

  2. waa~~
    wonbin was still in there =D
    i’m taking a look in this one, thaks ❤

  3. Thanks so much… Huge file.XD but it’s great.

  4. WOW!!! Thank you sooooooo much *0*
    i will be DL today lol

    thank you …

  5. Thank you so much 😀

  6. woww~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you~!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much!

  7. OMG, FTI’ live in perfect quality O__o Thanks so much T___T

  8. Wow! You are so great! I am sure you must have use a lot of time to upload all these files! Thanks fo much for sharing!


    I’M YOUR FAN *———-* *fallin’ in madness*
    ♥ WON BIN ♥

  11. thnk u very2 much!

  12. sillyfoolstupid · ·


    big upload project

    It was verykind of you to share us

    Thank you very much

  13. really dont know how to say thank you. you’re awesome

  14. thank you so muchT-T

  15. btw, can you upload *.bup and *.ifo files to complete DVD structure?

  16. @kk.tsk: we can’t ^.^
    if you wanna have a complete DVD ~ please buy the original one ~
    this is to protect FT Island’s selling numbers…

  17. i can’t thank you enough here! i’ll definitely get the original even if i download off the internet..thanks loads! you’re awesome!

  18. WOW WOW WOW you are so so awesome thank you so much ;o;

  19. wah!..so many.it’s great, thank you so much for uploading and sharing

  20. thanks hailey… u have done a good job… but can i request here??? i`m dying to get jonghun solo in his first concert.. he wore a white tux… i watched in youtube and it is fr your acc…but when i search here,, dont hve… if u do got a time… btw, dont force yourself.. as much as i love ft island, i love ft fans as well especially you… hahahaha.. dont get me wrong

  21. Thank you so much ❤

  22. Oh my god oh my god
    Thank you very very very much XD. Those files are so big, and I can see Won Bin, too huhuhu

  23. thank you thank you thank you, will dl later~ ^^v

  24. Wowwwww I love you^^

    Thank you very much

    I miss Wonbin. I love him. TT__TT

    Very very thank you for you again.

  25. WOWW! =DD I’ve already got the dvd, but I really appreciate your awesome work, Hailey, thanks a lot <33

  26. OMG!! This is an awesome job!!
    I know it is too simple to say THANK YOU
    but I don’t know what else I can say
    Thank you very much for sharing!!

  27. Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!

  28. omg thank you!!!

  29. yuNhobellA · ·

    OH MY GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gurl, you’re so nice for sharing this!!!! thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ *kiss*

  30. LOL omg o_o i dont think i have free enough space to dl this on my laptop T_T!! maybe i’ll take it later T_T when i have time to erase some old vids xD

  31. Thank you so much for uploading and sharing!!!!!
    So happy!!! Thank you!!!!!

  32. @ wookyuhae: ^.^ i have that for sure 🙂
    i think i’ll share it together with some old files this weekend 🙂
    …OMG !!! that’s a lot of work !! T_T

  33. Thanks for your time and for sharing *-*
    This show is amazing…
    But… I don’t now how burn this in a DVD… if I put all the files in the DVD so will work in the DVD player? [sorry, i’m newbie xD]

  34. @Luuh: no, in that case, it won’t be played in a DVD player…
    You should check out more informations on some guiding/helping sites which are specially made for this suject.

  35. @ledoquyen hum… i understand… thanx anyway… i will watch in my PC ;D really thanx for upload that ^^

  36. Ahhhh really sorry for all this bother but can u upload the IFO and BUP files of the DVD? ;_;

  37. @Luuh: kk.tsk mentioned it before, u can check the comments above. and i still say NO! We can’t !

    if u really want a real DVD, u should go buy it 🙂

  38. sorry T.T i really can’t buy, but i understand u… ^^

  39. ledoquyen IS THE BEST!!!!

    you are so patient and generous is uploading all these files.

    you are such an angel to pris all over the world

    thank you

    ps. i misssss wonbinnie T_T

  40. thank you so much^^

  41. Thanks a lot for this!!!
    You did an AMAZING job ^^!!!
    I have a question, what’s the size of the DVD? It’s a DVD5 or DVD9?
    Thanks again!

  42. OM–WOW!

  43. OMG! where did you buy this? don’t have this one yet! thanks a lot for the upload!!!!

    really appreciate ur effort uploading such a big file

  45. Thank you and thank you
    Just only word that i can say
    thanks for your uploadig effort for a very big file like this

  46. AWESOME!!
    Hailey i love you soooo much~ xDDDD

  47. Thank you so much.
    You’re great.

  48. where’s wonbin right now.
    i heard he’s acting now…
    what kind of dramas he’s in.

  49. sankyu very kamsa!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. i miss u wonbin^^

    thank you so much

  51. Thankz for sharing!

  52. keep up your good works.Thanks a lot

  53. Thank you so much….^__^

  54. celes-dbsk · ·

    Thanks o lot !!!!!!!! ><

  55. taking this~
    thanks a lot for sharing ❤

  56. Thank you so much for sharing this precious DVD video. I love to see FT Island’s live performance.

  57. Wow! Thanks a lot for this~~~ We all appreciate it!

  58. this is great thanks a lot – i would like to watch it in better quality than on youtube.
    not taking without permission? but if you leave a comment, is it allowed then?

  59. Thank you SO MUCHHHHH !!!

  60. Thank you sooo much!:3

  61. thanks sooo much for sharing!!!you’re such an angel!!

  62. Salmina · ·

    Thanks a lot 😀

  63. Salmina · ·

    Sorry, i will writing for you, but one problem for yours upluad. I understood, your opinion, the other files. But I do not know what to do with him so, because I do not know it in a good quality to convert, but VOB in a format not much I can begin everything with him, who to write neither i know, because the DVD, bad one would not play it in a quality simply it’s not worth it, to let, like this I do not want to look at it because the player is the big part of my programs does not want to start it. I could be that single man who receives the residual one, or I may ask you, that accross you convert it to avi, and some skim you spend it? whatever, but into some more useful format would be better really. and I am sorry for it if I was a butt, unintentional this style.
    I’m sorry this, really … 🙂

  64. zenitshu · ·

    oh my~.. this is ultra big!! thank you so much!! >.<

  65. aerith · ·

    woahhh…..jeongmal kamsahamnida…..
    i love u ledoquyen…and i love ft island so much….
    thank you thank you…..
    i really appreciate this…^^

  66. i wanna take this 🙂 plssss. . ~~

  67. thanks lovely!!!!
    for sharing, uploading~

    VTS_01_2 [My First Dream 2009] [Golden].VOB.005
    file seems deleted off mediafire..

    pls tell me if u intend to re-upload.. cos i’m just missing that .005 file
    the other VTS_01_2 files are ok..

  68. i wanna take this pls…
    thanks for uploading anyway 🙂

  69. Can I download this? ^^ Thanks ❤

  70. VTS_01_2 [MediaFire 05] <<< has been delete Help Me Plz!!! THX u

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