Mnet Scandal E20 (090916) – Choi Jonghun (Part 2)

i hate the fact that they look sweet together ~ like a real couple broken heart
I bet they still see each other off the show big grin



  1. omgah!
    i can imagine how loud my scream would be just by looking at the caps
    kyaa T-T
    thanks for sharing anyway +.+

  2. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    I think so 😦

    Thanks for your sharing ^^

  3. Thank you so much ^^

  4. Thanks a lot
    I’m so sad with Jonghun..T T

  5. Thanks
    I’m so sad with Jonghun T T

  6. Thanks a lot
    I’m so sad with Jonghun
    I don’t like mnet scandal


  7. jealous huhuhu TT__TT

  8. Huhuhuhuhuhu TT_TT
    I don’t like it
    But thank u very much

  9. damn you beautiful boy, you make me suicidal suicidal hahaha~ aaw jonghun T_T

  10. i dun want to watch it >””< i hate it =))

  11. thank you for sharing, Hailey 🙂

  12. Can i ask what did jonghun wrote on his site ? Why did the girl kept asking about it ?

  13. Thx for Sharing ^^

    Have to accept that the girl looks good
    I think they really like each other

  14. thanks for sharing!

  15. 2nd row last screencap-jonghoon is looking heavenly cute 🙂

  16. hi.. does this have eng sub?

  17. broken hearted hikshikshikshiks….

    thx for sharing dear hailey

  18. thanks a lot for sharing!

  19. hey everyone! i was wondering if anyone knew the song playing during the camel ride that continued on to the picnic scene? i tried typing up the lyrics but i can’t get a title and artist!! it’s really bugging me so i hope you guys can help. ^^’

  20. Thank youu so much!!

  21. Why is my download not working?:(

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