Cho Shin Sung & Tara – T.T.L (Time To Love) (Music Bank 090918) [TS 1920×1088]

will be set in private in 5 days (09.09.24)




  1. I´d definitely like to download this perf, I love the song 😀 Thanks in advance!!!!

  2. Wow!
    Yes please share this performance!
    I reallly miss Supernova!


  3. i also wanna see how supernova is doing,
    i pretty much liked the boys, but sadly they never made it big D=

    i never heard the song before so i’m curious
    pls upload it
    thanks =3

  4. please share this performance!


  5. shamilaaah · ·

    please upload. please please please.


  6. i really love this song… would u release a smaller version of this vid?
    HQ or MQ perHaps?


  7. I’d like to watch this perf! pls upload! Thanks in advance!

  8. arzayu_tweety · ·

    i want it~~!! love this song too much~~!!!
    thanks for uploading~~!!

  9. please upload.
    you’re the best thankys. ❤

  10. share it! pleassee……………..

  11. I absolutely love this song!!
    requesting pleasee.
    thank you! 😀

  12. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Upload please

  13. pliz share it..
    i really2 want to watch this..

  14. i love it! share it please!

  15. upload for us

  16. me :”>

    what do you think abt this collap?

    OMG, such a big file 🙂

    and.. can i re-up this ;;)

  17. Can I have this one, Hailey? ^^
    thank you in advance! 🙂

  18. this song is really great
    thanks a lot!

  19. thank you very muc for sharing
    love this song!!

  20. one clip must have definitely…please up it quyen..really enjoy this collab…:D…btw, JIYEON IS AMAZINGLY STUNNING in this performance…

  21. Please upload this. ^^
    It’s such an awesome song
    Love Jiyeons hair

  22. please upload it

  23. please please!! ^^

  24. wow nice the song..

  25. i would like to have this performance too..but is it possible to share an avi version instead?

  26. knightofthewhitenight · ·

    I want to download this! So Yeon is my favorite!

  27. please upload!:)

  28. thank you!

  29. thank u!
    Cho Shin Sung is a great band!!!
    they are soooooo cutes!!!

  30. Thanks

  31. May i have the file?

  32. thanks for sharing!

  33. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  34. wow!!! thankss for sharing!!!

  35. shamilaaah · ·

    thanks thanks!

  36. wow…i really like this song…~_~

  37. I do really like this song.

    Thank you very much ^^

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