[MV] Lee SeungGi – You’re My Woman [TS 720×480]

i don’t deny that i know and fall in love with this song mostly because of FT Island XP ……. but, it’s a great song , isn’t it love struck



  1. thank you so very much for sharing this mv.
    i can’t wait to watch it!! ^^

  2. thanks a lot for uploading!

  3. thanks a lot for sharing! this mv is still one of my favorite ones ^^

  4. thank u so much…i love lee seung gi so much…and its so hard to find his HQ mv…so u just made my day…

  5. Thanks

  6. thanks for sharing..really love this MV

  7. Thank you so much

  8. yes this is great! more of Seung Gi yaay!!

  9. omo! I´ve been looking for this music video in HQ foreeeeeever!! Thanks so much for sharing! :DDDD

  10. Thanks~

  11. thanks, let’s hear it 😀

  12. thank you!!!!!!!!!! loving it!!!!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this. I just LOVE this video and song. He is adorable!

  14. Thank you so much ^^ I’ve been looking for a good quality vid of this MV 🙂

  15. this is a really good MV..
    thanks for sharing!

  16. youjuchan · ·

    i LOVE it ❤

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