G-Dragon – Heartbreaker (Music Bank 090911) [TS 1920×1088]

enjoy ~ don’t forget 2 say thanks ^^~
really! if you only keep download his perf without commenting (like last time) ….. you’ll back to request for the file next time




  1. As always, you are amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing this video!!
    GD is amazing!! 😀

  2. wow i’ve been looking all over for gdragon’s perfs in hd! thank you so much!


  4. thanks for sharing!!

  5. thanksss for sharing!!!
    i love you ledoquyen~

  6. Thank you for your job ! =)
    I love you ♥

  7. Thanks so much for all the hard work!

  8. thnx. im take it =)

  9. ah !!!

    luxury black suit !!!!!!!


  10. I love to see him wearing suit! Thanks for sharing =)

  11. Thanks a lot! 😀 GD is just so lovable ^_^

  12. THANK UUUUUU!!!!Love him!!!

  13. It has been quite a long time since I am here. Thank you for always bringing the best!

  14. thank you so much for sharing….this song is very catchy! 🙂

  15. Thanks for sharing ^^

  16. Ohmygosh cant download because TS looks horrible on my comp. its like laggy or something
    but i just wanted to say thanks for the file anyways!

  17. hohoho! thanks a lot for uploading HD!

  18. he looks kinda weird with that suit but anyway thanks 😀

  19. thanks a lot ya..

  20. thanks ^^ I check this site everyday for new perfs. Love it~

  21. thanx for all your hard work.

  22. thanks for sharing! I’ve been looking for this everywhere!

  23. thanks for GD

    he is cute



  24. great……thanks though…

  25. thank u so much 🙂

  26. Thanks ! Haven’t got to see this performance yet.

  27. grab thiz one too ^^
    i love this song so much!

  28. Thanks for the live ^^

  29. Thanks alot For The performance!!

  30. thanks u

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