FT Island & Lee SeungGi – Confession (Music Bank Special Stage 071012) [TP 1920×1088]

ah ~ SeungGi and FT Island love struck HongKi vocal was amazing XD … trust me!! i’m not saying this because i’m their fans big grin




  1. hk is love · ·

    i miss young hk….cute!!!

  2. thankss

  3. oh i love SeungGi very much!!
    can i reupload it again?
    thanx a lot

  4. thanks ! 😀 i’ve never seen this perf before.

  5. this is great!!
    thanx for sharing… ^^

  6. thank you thank you thank you thank you~ ^0^

  7. beautyonearth · ·

    i love lee sueng ki

  8. Thank you for sharing^^

  9. thank you! ^^ ❤

  10. I love this performance very much! Thanks for the HD version!

  11. @_@ I didn’t think there was another performance of them singing together. XD I love them~~ Thank you thank you thank you~

  12. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

    I like to listen this song
    and I’m agree with U that Hongki’s amazing vioce

  13. i havent watched this before.

    big thanks for it!!

  14. howaaaaaa i love watching seunggi recently coz his drama haha XD and i heard that he will release new album soon , hope u to upload it later hahaha

  15. sizzling suzai · ·

    i love seunggi..ok + HONGKI
    heheheee..dun b mad r..
    thanx a lot 4 dis!!!!

  16. no you’re not biased… they both have amazing vocals!
    thanks a lot, Hailey ^^

  17. Thanks for sharing.

    i like this Pref. ^^

  18. i’ve seen all perfs of FT Island and Seung Gi, i love them, but they remind me to Won Bin’s voice T_T esp Thunder T_T

  19. hongki,
    luph u…!!!

    thank u,
    thanks a lot

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