Daily Archives: September 12, 2009

FT Island – Love Sick + Barae (Korean Music Wave 090912) [TS 1920×1088 + HQ]

Don’t you love their new image ?

SBS 1000 Songs E70 (090906) – JaeJin + Seunghyun CUT [TP 1920×1088]

OMG!! XD ….. you know how weak a fangirl heart is this HD file really make me fall for that smile XDXD …. c’mon ~ even if you’re not Seunghyun’s fan you can’t deny he has such a killer smile

M.net Hangul Island Season 2 EP9 (090906) – FT Island

Other epsisodes will be uploaded soon Sorry for the lateness…. But .. =.= Japanese show is beyond my reach ~ Plus, these raw files supposed to be used for subbing =.= not for sharing ~

FT Island & Lee SeungGi – Confession (Music Bank Special Stage 071012) [TP 1920×1088]

ah ~ SeungGi and FT Island HongKi vocal was amazing XD … trust me!! i’m not saying this because i’m their fans

Unstoppable Marriage E73 E92 E102 – Jaejin + SNSD (1024×576)

when waiting for hongki’s upcoming drama XD …… i suddenly want to rewatch Jinnie acting skill He was so cute hanging around with 2 girls and plus, the sitcom is funny itself

Miss $ – What Is Love (Music Bank 090911) [TS 1920×1088]

they have a new member this time ~ the song is somehow similiar to “Got Shot By A Gun” though enjoy ~ don’t forget 2 say thanks ^^~

[450p] Music Core 2009-09-05 (Full Show CUT)

enjoy ~ don’t forget 2 say thanks ^^~ i guess you already know the reason why i stopped sharing full show cut ? …well, blame the leechers ^.^

G-Dragon – Heartbreaker (Music Bank 090911) [TS 1920×1088]

enjoy ~ don’t forget 2 say thanks ^^~ really! if you only keep download his perf without commenting (like last time) ….. you’ll back to request for the file next time