M.net Scandal E19 (090909) – Choi Jonghun (week 1)

cryingcrying Don’t ask …. just watch it and u’ll understand cryingcryinghttps://i0.wp.com/img200.imageshack.us/img200/5600/icon192086178.gif
T.T i shouldn’t have watched …broken heart
Being a leader’s fan and watching this wasnt funny at all broken heart …. there were K.I.S.S.E.S ~ skin-ship and a lot of “things” … https://i0.wp.com/img200.imageshack.us/img200/5600/icon192086178.gif
Back to the bright side big grin FT Island was so cute XD … Hongki & Jinnie’s “Abracadabra” XD … Our 2 magnae’s KISS love strucklove struck how i love this 2 couples day dreaming


[Jonghun: Do you have a boyfriend ?
G: No, i don’t
Jonghun: Don’t you have one already ..?
G: Who ?
JH: Here (Me) ]

[A lot of ppl asked me about the situation when that girl kissed jonghun T.T ……. Jonghun wasn’t couting / or expecting to be kissed . He just wanna see how long they can look at each other without feeling embrassed ….And suddenly …..(OMG! i don’t like her waiting)]

(…still have to admit that they look sweet together … sigh)


  1. I thought JongHun was counting (about the kissing)…so that’s the story. She didn’t waste her chance XD

    But seriously, J was too sweet *melts*

  2. i quite enjoy this show…
    they are a sweet couple~
    ^ ^

  3. OMG Mnet did it again @___@. Dont know waht to say, that girl was so lucky =(. I hope Jong Hun would not be as sad as Hong Ki at last time on this show.

    Finally I can see Abracadabra – FT’s version XDDD. Thank you so much. Wait to see 2 Magnaes’ hot kiss, too XD

  4. haha
    I’m amazed at their first topic when they talked to each other in restaurant, about Hongki
    She also called her friends just for seeing our Jonghun once
    I think she’s a teacher in an international kindgarden?she told children a story in English
    Don’t focus on their kiss like that, previously Jonghun’ve ever had a girlfriend, and I think they could kiss many times out of our eyes ^^
    Even with this girl, just a fake love in a show
    I don’t like to watch these scenes, too
    But, be calm~~

  5. i`m cried… really.. cant take this anymore.. this is too much!!! but i need to see his handsomeness..uwaa…felt like the world cruch on me… ohtokke…hailey I also hate that girl..argh!!!!!

  6. AAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t bear this :((
    This is toooo much T_____T

  7. What?! So, Jong Hun is officially taken now, or is that another CRUEL plan of MNET scandal?
    I didn’t know that you’re the leader’s fan, so am I. Is it really that heartbreaking?
    Did they really kiss? Lip-lock? or just smack?
    I suddenly hate Jong Hun.. =(

  8. gahh i hate you leader
    thanks for uploading

  9. I can’t help but watching the raw version without understand any thing…. But 1 thing i know for sure that they both like each other very much and very serious…. I think they will date for real even though they might not show it on the TV…. Cant wait for the sub coming!!!

  10. thank you for sharing, Hailey ^^
    mnet should stop making show like this *sigh*
    the show is okay but still……… *speechless*

  11. blablablove · ·

    yah. they look good together. and it broke my heart more. i think i dont have a heart anymore. :-<

  12. i wish someone would sub it soon =)

  13. i’m not a leader’s diehard fan but i have to admit that it’s difficult to watch. it hurts even more than the one with hongki lol still, leader is just drop-dead gorgeous and he would be a wonderful bf.

  14. Please sub

  15. OMG… thanks a lot for uploading… don’t worry hailey, they’re just faking it (that’s what i told myself over n over again during hongki’s ep anyway… hehe)

  16. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    It’s a show

    Don’t be serious

    Thanks for your sharing

  17. i understand how u feel…that’s why i havent watch 2pm’s taec or 2am mnet scandal. I’ve had enough watching nickhun’s mnet scandal, i dont want to feel the same no more..TT_TT
    so they say its just a show, but still…TT_TT
    hope you’re strong^^

  18. thanks for share..

  19. moongirl84 · ·

    thank you for uploading!
    my friend told me, that it seems like they know each other for a long time.. o_O

  20. thanks for uploading 😀

  21. first of all…he’s broken my heart too hikshikshiks…

    second, i’ll be waiting for the sub

    third, thx for sharing…

    we’re a bunch of broken hearted girls now

  22. i love ft island. But i have to say this is the BEST EPISODE SO FAR. The girl is pretty and nice. She looks good with Leader. Leader has a good chemistry with her…. And Leader and she are just doing sth…. normal bf and gf doing… So… since he’s idol, fans got jealous (including me!!!) but actually, it’s normal things of bf n gf doing… I like their sweet chemistry together… Leader got a lot of notice and have many new fans for this episode bc he’s just smoking hottttt and being a really sweet bf… ANyway, they dated just few days… No big deal… Can’t wait for the sub ^^ … This episode got so much attention from netizens ^^

  23. hi there…
    i was just wondering where i could find the subs for this…
    could somebody pliz guide me?

  24. dont this have ENG subs?

  25. heartbroken too..
    but it is undeniable that jonghun is a super sweet guy 🙂

  26. sub sub sub sub plz

  27. he disappoints me … I really love him … but he is cheating … he’s broken my heart … he makes me cry … I hate him … 😥 😥

  28. thanks ^^; been wanting to watch this!

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