[MV] Hong Jin Young – Love Battery (TP 720×480) [with Lyric] (starring: FT Island’s Jonghun)

Korean Lyric ~ don’t know why but i feel like it’s clearer big grin And if you know korean … you can sing along tongue




  1. Thank you!! not sure who this is but I’ll watch and see if I like 🙂

  2. this is so funny~ >.< trot.. hehe but the end why do they have to kiss? ahuhu 😦
    thanks for sharing~

  3. Ah I saw they talking about this MV on Arirang Face time. I was about to find it. Thank you very much ^^

  4. thanks a lot, Hailey ^^

  5. i knew about this song because i was watching a reality from korea…i think it was infinity challange^^…..thankss!!!

  6. thank you for sharing

    jonghun so cute

  7. thanks, i also like with the korean lyrics..

  8. Jimmy Le · ·

    I was looking up yoon eun hye and somehow found Happy together. and Hong Jin Young was in it. They talk about Love’s Battery so I youtubed it. Really like the story line of the song.. and the singer too.. haha, wish I know Korean.

  9. jean cantin · ·

    Ah ! The beautiful Hong Jin Young ! Tks a lot !

  10. gosh!! i’ve been looking all over for this mv!! I love this trot song! i think she’s so quirky and pretty!! thanks!!

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