[MV] Fx – Lachata (1280×720) [2ver.]

REQUEST! ^.^ https://i2.wp.com/img38.imageshack.us/img38/8237/17571515.png
there IS really one BOY in this girl-group surprise …can any girl looks more like boy than she is ???? surprise <<Amber ?>>

DOWNLOAD (254mb) [1280×720] [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (86mb) [1280×720] [ MEDIAFIRE ]



  1. can I have a download link..
    I’m so curious with the mv…

  2. yeeah~~
    she’s such a good looking boy XD
    but wouldn’t it be great if they had a real boy
    in there 😀
    i want the hq version
    thanks =3

  3. what is the different between 2 ver?
    BTW, love this MV and request for the better version. Keke
    Thanks ♥

  4. pls upload it.thank you

  5. Amber is so guy!! :D…but love this group..my fav definitely Krystal..:)

  6. I really love this MV….
    Amber’s part is simply just stunning!!!!
    May I request for the 86MB version?
    Thanks you… ^ ^

  7. what’s the differences? which 1 better.
    i want both!

  8. Lol this group owns, esp. Amber. Can I request the 254mb ver.? TYVM

  9. i love the mv alot
    pls upload the [1280×720] version thank

  10. I want to see this Mv
    thank for upload ^^

  11. please upload this

  12. blablablove · ·

    lol. she’s such a pretty boy isn’t she? XD
    and i agree with elwit, i wanna see a mixed kpop group. o_o

  13. i love the mv!!
    Can’t wait to have the GOMTV version
    Thanks in advance!

  14. thank u so mas

  15. i want this hq videos pleaseee 254mb

  16. GorillaZack · ·

    I would like to request this video! thanks a lot!:)

  17. req the 86mb one, thank you in advance
    i really hope she’s a true tomboy. because if its just a concept made by sm, it’ll suck when all your pal gets to be pretty and pink but all you only get to wear is boy’s vest

  18. K-POP FAN · ·

    Request the 254mb, please ! Thank you <33 !
    Amber looks good as guy ! I really like that song and that MV ^^ !

  19. im such a huge fan already,my fav is amber & victoria for sure ^^..
    requestin the 86mb ver please please upload it.
    thanks alot

  20. They are looking great!!! 254mb is requested! Thanks in advance!!

  21. i really2 want this unnie….
    I wsnt 86mb..
    thanx 4 advance…
    luv amber..
    amberism 4eva….

  22. sorry i want 86mb..
    go amber

  23. Sakura Kiss · ·

    can i haz?
    thx in advance. 😀 your uploads are always such damn good quality, they’re like nothing else. thanks:D

  24. She is probably a boy!!!
    She should go into the girl image more so she don’t look like a boy… don’t you think?

    And waiting for this music video!!!

  25. Please upload this!!!!! pretty pretty pretty pleaaseee~

  26. tupssipOp · ·

    I want this MV!!!

    thank you^^

  27. do you have (640×352)resolution of the f(x) Music Video?

  28. She isn’t a guy but she sure does look like one.

  29. Amber so cool >> she dress like me =P

    can you upload the mv please ?

  30. sorry i want 254 mb..

  31. Can i please have it?
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  32. smilieface092 · ·

    could you please upload the 86mb one? thanks for sharing

  33. wanna request for 86mb ver…
    thanks in advanced

    love amber XD

  34. i would like to request the mv!! omg i love their clothes…just had to say that..

  35. so cute

  36. so cute

    love u so much

  37. SeLcaQueen · ·

    May I request for the 86mb video?? I’ve been looking for it for days now. Thanks in advance!

  38. I want it, I want it!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  39. can i request the hq version please! !
    thanks so much

  40. woww love it

  41. i can’t differenciate much the asians, but for me she’s clearly a girl or the heair make’s her look like that

  42. Requesting… The 254mb would be great. Thanx for the hard work ^^

  43. requesting for the HQ ver. thank you~

  44. I request for the 254mb one ! Please !

    Thank you

  45. Can you upload the 254mb version, please !


  46. please upload thanks.
    she somehow reminds me of the girl from S.H.E who starred in the taiwanese version of Hana Kimi

  47. plz upload it:)
    i like amber so much….

  48. cool xDDD

  49. Please upload, Thanx^^

  50. i want it!!! i want it!!!i want it!!!i want it!!!
    plizz upload it….

    thanks before ^^

  51. Requesting for 254mb please. ^^ Thanks ^^

  52. the link on mediafire i can’t click . or not show the link for dl

  53. matrix325 · ·

    plzz uploaddd

  54. ชอบมากเลย ครับ ขอรับไปนะครับ

  55. thanks

  56. thank you very much

  57. I want very much [254 MB]

    Thank you very much

  58. just.stopping.by · ·

    pliz….upload it for us….for me…
    cant wait….

  59. thanks a lot for uploading this…

  60. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  61. Thank you for the link… ^^

  62. K-POP FAN · ·

    Thank u !

  63. K-POP FAN · ·

    I don’t mean anything by saying that but did you upload it wrong O.O ? Because the 234mb one doesn’t sound at all ! Or it’s my internet ? I don’t know ! Thank you

  64. K-POP FAN · ·

    Sorry I found the problem ! Thank you

  65. thank you^^

  66. for some reason the audio isn’t working for me on the super HQ… can someone help me?

  67. thanks for uploading..luv f(x)

  68. Thanks for uploading this! F(x) nailed this song. The MV is nice.

  69. thank u so much^^

  70. TaNaewSree · ·

    Thank you very much !!! 🙂

  71. thnx for the upload

  72. perfect!!

  73. thank so much for sharing ^^

  74. Frankie · ·

    I was looking for this version like for a month!
    I can’t believe I didn’t pay attention to f(x) before. These girls are AWESOME.
    Thanks lots lots lots for this! ^^

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