[MV] 4minute – Muzik (1280×720) [GOM]

REQUEST! ^.^ https://i2.wp.com/img38.imageshack.us/img38/8237/17571515.png




  1. cool~~
    could you also upload it in HD pls?
    cause i dont get how to download from gomtv D=
    thanks =3

  2. I want the video please…

  3. omg gotta hav this

  4. i want this MV…thanks for sharing…

  5. @elwit: 720p IS HD …
    and it’s GomTV version …who says you have to know how to download from GomTV ? 🙂
    you’ll download from mediafire.

  6. wow plzzzzzzzzzzzz :)…I want it ❤

  7. Request for it

  8. new MV with new hair
    jiyoon still wear glasses ^^
    This look is so cool
    thx a lot

  9. please upload *o*

  10. YES PLEASE! :D:D:D Thank you!

  11. blablablove · ·

    waa i’m waiting for this, thanks! 🙂

  12. @ledoquyen
    sorry i ment 1080i, of course 720p is also HD 😉
    and isn’t gomtv publishing 1080i mv’s for some time now?
    but anyways, i appreciate anything you upload ;D

  13. GorillaZack · ·

    I want to request this MV please! 🙂

  14. yes, please upload!

  15. I want to request this video please? Thanks so much.

  16. Thanks for great releases!

  17. REquesting this video!

  18. I really can’t wait for this music video. How many more replies do you need?

  19. it is mean that muzik = music?
    anyway, TQ for the MV…

  20. christian! · ·

    PLEEASE may i have this link <33
    thank you! you are so amazing ❤

  21. christian! · ·

    OOPS SORRY! wrong email adress i sent for the request haha. send it to this one please <33

  22. Christian · ·

    ….i suck. at this email crap…
    please send it to this one ❤ thanks a bunch!

  23. yes please~^^
    gonna see this mv once again~

  24. I want it.. please… post it!!!
    Thank you so much!!!!!!

  25. Please post^^
    Thank you!

  26. plisss send me the link

  27. please post ^^

  28. hlkorea14 · ·

    thank you~ love this mv ❤

  29. i request this video,, please
    thanks before..

  30. Requesting please^^ Thanks!!<3

  31. thanks

  32. thanx u so much

  33. thank you so much^^V

  34. Hiro Shionji · ·

    thank you I request this mv :]

  35. thank you!
    i love JIYOON ❤

  36. thank you for
    four minute !!!

  37. Thank you for the link… ^^

  38. THANKS !! but is there a smaller version?

  39. Thank you.. Terima kasih.. xiexie… Kamsahamida…
    arigato… syukran… gracias…Danke… merci… děkuji ti… obrigado… 🙂

  40. Lee is VIP! · ·

    thank you!
    i love For Muzik and their new mini album. all songs are very easy listening..really. 4Minute JIAYOU!!

  41. thank u so much^^

  42. thank you so much!! 🙂

  43. TaNaewSree · ·

    Thank You So Much !!! 🙂

  44. does anyone no how to play these files? I want to awtch the mv! T__T

  45. Thanx 4 sharing

  46. mybaby_boyd · ·

    Thank you Hyuna good dancccce

  47. thanks! very much for the upload!

  48. Junglasses · ·

    Augh! Been looking for this everywhere. Thank you for sharing!

  49. Thanks!!!

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