FT Island – Barae (Ballad ver.) + Because Of Love + Talk (Lalala 090902) [4ver.]

Anyone wants to be that micro ?? XDXD https://i1.wp.com/i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb293/ledoquyen90/emotion/tuzkihugnkiss.gif
aaaaaaa XDXD somebody stop me XDXD !!! …..
i wonder how would it taste like (ofcouse i mean HK’s lips laughing)… https://i2.wp.com/i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb293/ledoquyen90/emotion/072.gif(450p.720p UPDATED!)
hehe…. back to the topic XDXD !!~ i love Barae in ballad XDXD ….. it’s so sweet love struck And “Because Of Love” was just perfect … love struck i would love to hear jonghun sings that song tongue We all know he has just the right voice for such song, don’t we ? blushing

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD “BECAUSE OF LOVE” [1024×576] (134mb)

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD “BARAE” (BALLAD) [1024×576] (153mb)

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD “TALK” [1024×576] (167mb)
(credit : 레모나)

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD FT ISLAND’S FULL CUT [640×352] (120mb)
[ MEDIAFIRE ] (credit : FTi1st)

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD “BARAE + BECAUSE OF LOVE” [800×450] (69mb)

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD “TALK” [800×450] (60mb)


[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD “BARAE + BECAUSE OF LOVE” [1280×720] (131mb)

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD “TALK” [1280×720] (114mb)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing ^^

    I want to watch ^^

    Don’t want to wait anymore

  2. OMG! Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuu

  3. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. i’ve been waiting for you to post this.
    thank you so much!!!!!!

  5. Perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  6. OMG Awesome. Thank you!

  7. thanks a million you’re the best

  8. I can’t wait to watch this. Thank you so much.

  9. sillyfoolstupid · ·


    Me too ^^

    Ju-bbu Ju-bbu


    Thanks for your sharing

  10. yuNhobellA · ·

    thanks for sharing…i dunno they were afterwards interview….

  11. taking Barae & B/c of Love for now..
    any plan to sub the talk? lol i’ll be waiting first.. 😀
    tysm~ ^^

  12. tvxqbuzz7921 · ·

    thanks! i was looking for this 🙂

  13. Primadonna Island Team · ·

    And “Because Of Love” was just perfect … love struck i would love to hear jonghun sings that song tongue We all know he has just the right voice for such song, don’t we ? blushing

    oh god, why do u think like mine? ( sr i don’t know how to say but i guess u understand me^^) his voice is so sweet. but why didn’t Hun play piano? hope that they can have more occasion to play live, and show their talent.^^ thanks for sharing^^

  14. thanks!=)

  15. gc_rabbits · ·

    thank you~
    finally i can watch this ♥

  16. thanks for shared and wait for full cut 1280×720 ^^

  17. thank you so much

  18. Oh !!!!

    i waiting this clip ^___^

    Anyway,Thanks a lot for Shearing .

  19. omg thanks loads! watched on yt now for the 720p dl ! XD

  20. hey, there’s a problem with the MF link for the 720p download for Barae Ballad version; it seems to be leading me to the ABOUT page of this website instead of the download instead =\
    i hope you guys can get it fixed soon, thanks 🙂

  21. erm.. the 1280×720 clip doesn’t redirect to the mediafire link but the “about” page? =S

  22. I’m so in love with the ballad version of this song. Thank you SO much for uploading this and sharing with us. I’m going to put this on repeat ❤

  23. thank you~*


    the link of “BARAE + BECAUSE OF LOVE” [1280×720] (131mb) is not the DL link ;P

  24. ledoquyen · ·

    1280×720 FIXED !
    actually ^.^ i was just waiting for mediafire to finish 😛

    anyways, enjoy the show ^^~

  25. 고맙습니다!

  26. oh thanks loads! can’t wait to enjoy the quality xD

  27. thank you so much, Hailey <33

  28. Really thank you ! ❤
    Honggi is so cute ~

    Thank you for your work ^_^

  29. blablablove · ·

    Thanks for this! ^^

    I would want to be that microphone SeungHyun’s using. XD

  30. thanks a lot for this… you’re sooo great!

  31. Oh!! Thxz a lot for sharing^^

    Hongki sing this two songs is very delightful
    and I luv Barae Ballad version too .They r very cool…

  32. thank you!

  33. matsurika · ·

    thank you for sharing~

    taking the 720p one~ ^^v

  34. thank you! love this performance ^^.

  35. Thank you for sharing..
    I really love Barae… ^^

  36. thanks for sharing!!

    yay! taking the 720 version! haven’t gotten a chance to watch this yet!

  37. thankyouu for all your hard work!~~

  38. thnx a lot!!!
    im looking 4 barae ballad ver n..i juz cant wait 2 hear it..
    although im not FT island num.1 fan but..
    hongki’s voice is really GREAT!

  39. star_shine · ·

    I love the Ballad version of Barae! ☻ It’s super awesome! I took the Highest Quality version in order to appreciate all the goodness of FTI♥

  40. thanks

  41. Lascanstria · ·

    wow. I would love to hear the ballad version. taking this~ ^^ thank you so much~ ^^

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