[ENGSUB] Star Golden Bell E249 (090822) – FT Island CUT

333Sorry T.T  i’m kinda tired these days so i forgot to share this sooner sad
Brought To You By PrimadonnaSubs.
SUBBED BY hailey





  1. wookyuhae · ·

    I`m the first one who took this… thanks… btw, take some vitamins to boost up your energy… hwaiting..

  2. ledoquyen · ·

    @wookyuhae: i will… thanks XD 🙂

  3. Thank you!! 😀 Feel better!

  4. thank youuuuuu!!!
    u make my day!!=)

  5. Park Mizu! · ·

    Hi!! thanks for sharing all videos… but can you upload FT Island in Music Travel Lalala cuts? please… but, could you upload it ain avi.? lot of thanks!!
    and take care a lot!

  6. thanks 😀

  7. thank you sooo much! hope you’ll be better soon.

  8. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  9. saetenshi · ·

    i love you for being so awesome.
    thank you so much for your hard work =D

  10. Get lots of rest on the weekends, Sleep will keep you healthy! ^^ And thanks for the upload~

  11. gc_rabbits · ·

    thanks!!! ^^
    i’ve watched it on yt but i wanna have the HQ one 😀

  12. thanks…^^

  13. Thanks for sharing this!

  14. woww thanks a lot for the subs! I love this eps ^^

  15. Thank you so much ^^

  16. Omo.. thank you!

  17. awesome, thank you! 😀

  18. DaReALPRiMADoNnA · ·

    This is freakin adorable!! Thanks SO much for uploading as always 🙂

  19. thank you so much, i like this show a lot!

  20. Coutura · ·

    thank you so much! we really appreciate your team’s hard work in subbing and uploading all these videos! love the boys <33

  21. Thanks for the sub..i really miss them..at least i have this to watch ^^

  22. Lascanstria · ·

    I love star golden bell.. thank you so much for these ^^

  23. woow
    my boyes

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