2NE1 – Fine Lady (KJE Chocolate 090829) [TS 1920×1088]

Sorry ~ but don’t request for other 2NE1’s perfs ….=.= ..like i said, i’m tired these days tongueLINKS UPDATED! ~




  1. I would like to request this performance…thanks for sharing…you ROCKS!!! 😀

  2. hi! i would like to request this perf, please….

  3. Pleeease, upload this ._.
    I beg you

  4. i want it, please! Thanks…

  5. may I please request this performance?

  6. may i request this please?
    i luv 2ne1!!! ❤


  8. Would u plz upload this performance? sankyuuu ❤

  9. Could you please upload this???

  10. 2NE1 please~~
    thanks a lot~

  11. Oh yes please, could you upload it? (^o^)

  12. Would love to have this file.

  13. Can I please request this?
    Thanks in advance!

  14. cool request request

  15. Thank u thank u thank u!

  16. thanks for uploading

  17. Oh ! Please =D I love 2NE1 ❤
    Upload this perf', pleaaaase ~

  18. i wanna~~

  19. onestopdj · ·

    You know i want it !!

  20. Pa JiElon · ·

    WOWOW VOTE!!!!

  21. thank you so much
    would you pls upload it

  22. Upload this, please???
    Thank you~!!

    waiting for it!

  23. hey! thank you so much for uploading this ^-^

  24. thanks ledooooo
    is that CL sang a lauren hill song right?
    huaaa i love it, she is so cool with his ability to Rap!!! yai

  25. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  26. thank you so much

  27. thanks for sharing this files!

  28. thank U very much honey **
    Luv U ^.*

  29. tq2 very much~

  30. thanks for sharing i like 2ne1

  31. thxxx a lot!! ^.^

  32. thanks!

  33. thank you for this upload.

  34. anthem4cruelty · ·


  35. thanks a lot~ ^^

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