[600p] Saebakkwi E21 (090829) – Hongki

**shinning shinning XDXD** (Hongki as MC *melt* day dreaming)
you may not believe me XD but Hongki’s smile was really shinning with 600p resolution blushingi think i’m addicted to High Quality vids already XDXD

DOWNLOAD FULL SHOW (798mb) [800×600]



  1. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    I addicted already too ^^

    He’s always shinning

    Thanks for your sharing

  2. love the smile….

  3. thank you so much!!
    i love it!! b>.<d

  4. He looks so happy in the caps. Thanks for the upload. 😀

  5. his smile looks so bright! His smile is contangious, makes me wanna smile even when I’m feeling down <33

    thank you Hailey ^__^

  6. Thank you very much ^^

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