Kara – Mister (Music Core 090829) [TS 1920×1088]





  1. please upload this performance.. ^__^
    really thanks you for uploading and your hard works.. ^__^

  2. Hanazawa Rui · ·

    oh Mister again xD
    though i love Mister and Wanna the same, i’d love to see both together, hehe xD
    thanks for sharing ^^

  3. Give me the link , plz !

    I love Nicole’s hair =))

  4. Also, I’d like to request this.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. i want this clip..thanks for sharing..love KARA..:D

  6. please upload..

    thank you for sharing

  7. YES PLEASE! ^^V

  8. mayoomay · ·

    Pls upload this…
    This is a great performance^^


    THX 🙂

  10. Request,Thank you for shared

  11. Ilovewonbin · ·

    request pleaseeee..

  12. pan2cute · ·

    plis upload this performance…

  13. dnablaqs · ·

    Liking this song more and more ^^. Upload pls ><

  14. Princedwi · ·

    i’d love to see this performance in HD =) please upload!!

  15. mister again!! i love it!!
    plx upload it >3<

  16. upload please………………

  17. please upload thanks!

  18. please upload!!!! i love KARA 🙂

  19. Upload Please~~~~~
    Really wanna watch them ^^

  20. han seung yeon!! you are so cute.

  21. I wanna~~

  22. hi! can i have the link for this perf please? thanks!

  23. thanks for sharing

    I like thia song

    lalalalala 5555

  24. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  25. thanks for sharing!!

  26. I got file and really love to see.

  27. Great! Great! Great!
    Thank you very much for your effort.

  28. thank u so much!!
    i think KARA is a great group!!
    my fav is Hara!
    ‘though all of them are very pretty!!

  29. Thanks v much for uploading this!

  30. Thank you for posting this. =)

  31. Mr is one of my favourate Kara’s songs. Thanks

  32. can you please reupload this… thank you very much

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