FT Island – Barae (M Super Concert 090825) [TS 720×480]

OMG! the stage is gorgeous, and Hongki’s so cute running around like that XDXD



  1. Thank u very much
    Oh, i’m shocked at their stage, so gorgeous
    And FT’s performance is so gorgeous, too

  2. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  3. Kitty_Dada · ·

    Thanks a lot

  4. thankss haileey
    😀 heheh

  5. Thank you so much ^^ for share

  6. thanks thanks thanks =D

  7. kinokisou · ·

    Thank you : ))

  8. thanks a lot deary

  9. Thank you!! 😀

  10. Thanks a bunch!

  11. thanx hailey ^^

  12. omgod the stage is beautiful w. that water on the back.. ❤
    tysm~ ^^

  13. Thank you so much for this!

  14. Totally spice up e perf w e water, fire & FIREWORKS!
    hwannie looks like a happy kid shaking head along w e song at e back..hahah
    Thanks for sharing (:

  15. thank you so much

  16. Barae is such a happy song. perfect for live perf. thanks for sharing.

  17. thanks thanks!!!!

  18. Lascanstria · ·

    hongki’s running around? I would love to see that. haha so I’m taking this ^^ thank you~~

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