Lee Soo Young – Grace (Inkigayo 060205) [960×540]

Now, i’m going to tell the reason why i posted so much “Grace” today XDXD …. If you’ve always been watching “Hangul Island season2” with engsub in my blog ~ you must have known who is “GRACE” already love struck
She’s gonna be “inactive” for quite a long time due to her exams-period happy So, let me kiss her goodbye (until november broken heart) and good luck !! XD
Hah ~ big grin you’re gonna miss her too !
Too much talking XD now, it’s time for downloading




  1. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! HAILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *HUGS <3*

    i'm so touched T_T
    thank you so much T_T

    (btw, i LOVE Lee Junki omg. my first Korean love. lol)

  2. Omo, i love this song so much T___T do you have more live perfomance of grace? 🙂

  3. Thanks

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