[MV] Brown eyed Girls – Abracadabra (TS 720×480)

Seriously, i’ll just stop uploading TS/TP videos if my stuffs keep being taken out without credit like that ~ HEY ! i know it all !




  1. Thank you =3

  2. thanks for uploading

  3. Thank you ! This song is good, I like that kiss, so sexy~

  4. thx. ^^
    this MV so sexy
    Gain very sexy

  5. i don’t know much about these girls, but i’ve seen a lot their names, so must be new popular.
    thanks :d

  6. shamilaaah · ·

    Hey, thanks for uploading. Been looking for ts file for this vid. Oh my, they are soooooo hot! Thanks once again~ 🙂

  7. GorillaZack · ·

    Thanks so much for the upload, 🙂

  8. Thx a lot as always. You’re the best ^^. Really hope you don’t stop uploading these. Really sucks when ppl don’t give credit where they’re due. I can imagine how much effort you put into this.

  9. Nice video ! Thanks !!!
    There’s a second PV for this song, the Stage Version !
    Can’t find it in good quality 😦

  10. can you upload this file to WMV?
    thanks i very2 apperciate

  11. THANK you ^w^~

  12. Thanks for the share!

  13. love BEG. thanks!

  14. putri_ilusi · ·

    thx!!! <3<3<3

  15. Thank you… ^^

  16. thanks alot

  17. thank you^^V

  18. luvpublicenemy · ·

    thanks ya for uploading this mv…^^

  19. does anyone no how to play these files? I can’t seem to play it with Window Media. Hope anyone can help me. big thxz!

  20. thank you for this!

  21. Thank you very much for your kind

  22. Thanks you very much for posting this!

  23. Thank u for sharing.. Im taking this MV

  24. Thank a lots ^^* I’ve been searchin for this :]

  25. thanks, narsha<3

  26. thanks for Ga in…how hot she is

  27. Thanks!!

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