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[ENGSUB] FT Island – Hangul Island Season 2 EP5 (090809)

Brought To You By PrimadonnaSubs. TRANSLATED BY GRACE SUBBED BY hailey usually, i don’t like spamming my own blog But … well, what do you think about my FT island spam today ? XD not so bad hah ~ Like i said, this may be the last video that Grace help us translate

[MV] FT Island – Thunder + Only One Person (TS+AVI)

i was trying to release engsub and raw file at the same time but i have too many things to handle =.= So, Engsub for this vid will be release later

[MV] FT Island – Barae (Ver.2) [TS 720×480]

no ~ FT island didn’t release a new version or anythin’ ~ This one is just another version which doesn’t have that annoying “Music O’lock” logo

[Mini Album] FT Island – Jump Up [FLAC]

ARTIST : FT ISLAND MINI ALBUM: JUMP UP Release Date: 2009-02-13 Language: Korean Genre: Rock-ballad Format: FLAC

FT Island – Love Is (M!countdown 081106) [MPG+AVI]

don’t you love hongki’s hair-style that time ? XD

FT Island – Love Is (Mnet Super Concert 081130) [HQ]

i had this file upload somewhere on my old blog T.T but now even me myself can’t find it again T.T

[MV] Clazziquai – Sweety (ft Lee Jun Ki) (TS 720×480)

XD Jun Ki looks so weird yet so cute here XD

Lee Soo Young – Grace (Inkigayo 060205) [960×540]

Now, i’m going to tell the reason why i posted so much “Grace” today XDXD …. If you’ve always been watching “Hangul Island season2” with engsub in my blog ~ you must have known who is “GRACE” already

[MV] Lee Soo Young – Grace (ft Lee Jun Ki – Part 2) (HQ)

for your Lee Jun Ki’s collection and … one more reason that i’ll tell later I accidentally deleted my TS file but this avi is jut as best Tell me if anyone wants to have TS file ^^~

[MV] Lee Soo Young – Grace (ft Lee Jun Ki – Part 1) (TS 720×576)

even until now i still love this song that’s “The Queen Of Ballad”s level XD … plus Lee Jun Ki’s awesomeness THIS FILE IS NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE OUT.