[MV] G-Dragon – Heartbreaker [HD 1280×720]

333please request ! LINKS ARE UPDATED ^^~
THIS FILE IS NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE OUT. And YES! even BigBang’s fansites aren’t allowed to take this out ~ thank you.





  1. Upload plz!~~ thanks in advance!~

  2. please upload!!

  3. Please upload!!!! I’ve been trying to find a HQ everywhere~~ <33

  4. Wow, Thanx for the HQ He3

  5. Kindly upload the link! I’d like to watch this MV!

  6. I want I want I want I want I want …
    please show me the links XD

  7. i want it pls pls

  8. im requesting for this…
    soooo hq!!

  9. danielle · ·

    oh please please I so want this!
    haha I need to see GD in HD hotness!! haha~

  10. Hoshii no, onegai ^^

  11. GD GD GD!

    Please provide the link 😀

  12. minniesTT^^ · ·

    plaese upload thanks

  13. i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. please upload it!! Thank you very much XD

  15. sheROCKS · ·

    yess please~

  16. requesting this pleaseeee!!

  17. pleaseeeee upload this!!! thankssss

  18. ivo-chan · ·

    i want it!!!

  19. Please… ^^ I want it 🙂

  20. Love this MV!
    I want it too!

  21. plzzzzzzzzz :)…I want it too

  22. omfg…girl u are amazing….thank u for sharing this….i really enjoyed it…it was the bomb.8-}

  23. AHHH! GD! ❤ pleasee & thank youu!

  24. would you send me the link
    thank you

  25. Thank you very Much! I’ve been looking for it

  26. Sprinkle · ·

    Please upload it, Thank you

  27. gosh ~~ HD >”< please ~~~ thank you so so much :*

  28. dangkhoa370 · ·

    Sao không có link vậy bạn híc híc

  29. Thank you i like this MV

  30. Please upload it 🙂

  31. bài này hay lắm………..

  32. I’m requesting ^^

  33. thank you so much!!!!

  34. request!!!!!
    I’ll waiting na~~~~

  35. thank you so much

  36. That would be awesome! Totally upload it, please!

  37. pls upload it, thks
    i’ll be waiting ^O^

  38. I’m request !


  39. kashikiumi · ·

    I want in such quality =))
    Thanks =))

  40. kashikiumi · ·

    Totally upload it, please!

  41. Plz can i have it

  42. Please, please, please??? I’ve been looking everywhere for it!!!

  43. upload this puhlease

  44. Please upload it

    and thank you so much

  45. i want it TT

  46. I want it too! It`s hard gettings links for an HQ of this.

  47. plz upload

  48. i’m requesting~
    i need this in HQ ^^^

  49. REQUESTING!!!Love GD!!!

  50. i want it!!!!

    i watch it!!!

    GD cute

    please!!!!!!!!! request

  51. lane0727 · ·

    i wan it~ thx~ plz~

  52. this is 720i or 720p? if p I’ll request it 🙂

  53. sherbet32 · ·

    Wowww !!!
    229 MB

    Sharing link please

  54. I wan to have this MV…

  55. please upload. your hd files are so the best.

  56. Thank yoi so muchhhhhh !!!


  57. G-Dragon fans · ·


  58. 001 isn’t working

  59. thank you so much!

  60. taking this 1 too..thanks ^^

  61. e_mo_nim · ·

    Thank You very much

  62. thank you so much !!!
    Can I request sth here? Pls upload Brave Brother’s new album if you can 🙂 Thx a lot

  63. Thank you so much for this link but could you possibly re-upload the first link again for me it’s not working for me. THank and I appreciate it.

    it’s can’t use
    i can’t see

  65. but file 1
    it very hq

  66. may b
    it broken

  67. w0w O.o cool ! like the nuu hair !
    like mine . haha .

  68. thank you so much

  69. Yeah, the first link seems to be dead. But thanks you so much for the upload! I’ll wait for the for the first link ^_^ Taking .002 for now.

  70. ledoquyen · ·

    It’s all fine with both links.
    just try it again later.
    mediafire is currently busy (probably) 🙂

  71. Yeah guys! I was able to download the first part. Both links are valid.

  72. thx for sharing 😉

  73. I dl-ed both parts and its working but it suddenly ended in the middle even i used hj split to join them alr.

  74. download all 2 parts. And make sure your PARTS are download properly/completely….check the file size!
    it may happens because of your download error/ not enough Disk space… ^.^
    check your final file if it has the size 229mb

  75. Wow!
    thanks a lot for this!!

  76. Ok, can alr. Thanks 😀

  77. Thanks for sharing!! i love this video!! >.<

  78. wow i like it


  79. OMFG!!! he is so hot man I love him I and also his #1 fan too he is so freakin smoking hot!!!! ^_^ 🙂

  80. huh thats me he is holding!!!!!! 😀

  81. HE IS MY HEART!!!!! 😀

  82. nomi triples arg · ·

    You’re the BEST!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    This video is perfect, perfect as GD ♥

    Thanks again ;D


  83. love you love korea me name reem qatar

  84. me and you kiss to

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