[ENGSUB] FT Island – Ranking (M!countdown 090813)

Brought To You By PrimadonnaSubs.
SUBBED BY hailey




  1. Nice! Thank U 4 the hard work =)

  2. Thank you very much ^^

  3. thank you so so so much XDDDD

  4. Hahaha! xD These boys are so funny! Thanks for uploading this! And thanks to the translator and subber, too ♥

  5. yuNhobellA · ·

    haha, i just download the raw vid yesterday and today the subbed one is out…so gonna take this!!!! thank you for your hard work!!!!!! i wish i am one of the subbers…huhu

  6. Hoshi Kuran · ·

    Arigato~ =3

  7. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  8. Thank You very much… ^^

  9. Thxz a lot for sharing^^

    The boys r very very cute especially when Hongki send a kiss 555…

  10. hi there! would you be putting the download links up again to FT Island’s past performances (2007 & 2008)? i used to download from your 360 degree yahoo blog but now it has been removed so i can’t access it anymore ):

    i tried going to your backup site as well but most of the performances you uploaded on your previous 360 yahoo site aren’t backed up over there..

    thank you in advance!

  11. of course taking the subbed one.. tysm~ ^^

  12. thank you for the subs, gals 🙂

  13. this is what i get for not going to the internet for a week. thank you 🙂

  14. irna fibi · ·

    thank youuuuuuu 🙂

  15. these boys are so cute and adorable in this video. thanks for subbing and sharing.

  16. Lascanstria · ·

    cool thanks~ ^^ I love m!countdown ranking. it’s always fun to watch. so thank you for subbing this ^^

  17. Thanks You!
    Thanks For Subbing !

  18. hungrycat555 · ·

    thx for sharing,
    but is says the file is invalid or deleted

  19. hungrycat555 · ·

    thx for sharing,
    but it says d file is invalid or deletes, is there any other link?

  20. They said the file was deleted. 😦

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