[Single] Dream Girls – Beauty Guilty

Release Date: 2009-08-18
Language: Korean
Genre: Dance
Bit Rate: 192 KBPS
01. Beauty Guilty
02. Beauty Guilty (inst.)
DOWNLOAD (192kbps) : [ MEDIAFIRE ]


  1. lokohotkoko · ·

    I honestly think u should stop uploading mp3/singles/album of artists. u have a great site uploading music shows and music videos. those are the great things to introduce the artists. but uploading the album or single isn’t near supporting them. just my honest opinion. 🙂

  2. ledoquyen · ·

    haha….thanks lokohotkoko….that’s really honest 😀
    i don’t upload many singles/albums these days T_T
    but, to be honest 🙂 i don’t think it’s hard to find those albums … just google and ya’ll get tons of it ~

    Anyways, ^^~ catch ya idea …

  3. Thanks for upload.

    Well,i know that the blog of Hailey is specially for FT Island, but I think it is even a good thing to inform also about the Kpop music, to refresh time to time the blog.
    Anyway I really would like that you continue to upload other album and singles from other artists because many like me go on your blog because we find news about Kpop music.

    Thanks again from France^^

  4. No matter what, I still like your site..
    Thanks for your hardwork ^^

  5. yeah… really appreaciate your hardwork on uploading and updating ^__^ thank you soo much

  6. me 2…
    i will support u…
    keep it up w the good work~

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