Chae Yeon – Fool (M!Countdown 090813) [TS 720×480]

This song isn’t a song to show off vocal or skill, or sexynesssad ….. But it’s the best way to show Chae Yeon’s cuteness love struck… she just looks so fine love struck



  1. Thanks for uploading and sharing Chae Yeon’s video. Your file quality is great. Love it.

  2. thanks for sharing 😀

  3. Thanks for shareing this file.

  4. true. it doesn’t show off her sexyness, but it shows her cute side and the song is such a sweet song. my fav song off her album after shake.
    thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you!Go Chae Yeon!

  6. Thank you! She is so cute here >_< I like it ^^

  7. thank u plz upload more 🙂
    u didn’t finish uploading shake the mc special stage was amazing plz upload it

  8. thank you very much

    chae yeon very cute

    and she get new hair style

    +++love ur HQ file

  9. Thank you!

  10. yes thank u soooooo much

  11. I love this song!
    Thanks a lot! 😀

  12. thanks alot for sharing CHae Yeon unni’s files!!!!

  13. thanxx!! i love chae yeon’s songs

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