Kim Hyung Jun (SS501) – Hey G (Music Core 090808) [HD 1920×1088]

enjoy ~ please say thanks ^^~




  1. thank you thank you ^^
    i love hyung joon …
    thanks for uploading

  2. omg i love it thanks

  3. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    WoW!!!!It’s very hot stage

    Hyungjoona…you’re sexy guy *-*

    Thanks for your sharing

  4. Baby!! Ahhh.
    I love him!
    Thanks for sharing!
    and it’s in HD?!
    Love you!

  5. wow.
    i had no idea he was performing a solo song!
    thanks so much for sharing!! ^^

  6. thanks^^

  7. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  8. thanks

  9. ok xoxoxo

  10. Thanks a bunch *hugz*

  11. jee in seong · ·

    thanks 4 uploading..

  12. “My Lovely “KIM HYUNG JUN”…”
    “My Prince “KIM HYUNG JUN”…”
    “My Sweety Boy “KIM HYUNG JUN”…”
    “My Cutely Boy “KIM HYUNG JUN”…”
    “My Live Forever “KIM HYUNG JUN”…”
    “My Member Forever “KIM HYUNG JUN”..”
    “My Sunshine “KIM HYUNG JUN”…”
    Oh…”Kim Hyung Jun”…You are so ‘COOL’…
    I Love You ‘SO MUCH’…You are always appear in my ‘Dreams’…You make me have enthusiasm…Your smile is my “SUNSHINE”…I hope i can together with you ‘Forever’…

  13. Thanks for uploading.. 🙂

  14. Kim HyungJun opppppppppppppa

  15. thank you!

  16. love kim hyung jun so much,

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