[MV] FTTS – Missing You [TS 720×480]

an old video of FTTS …… back when they were still in SM Entertainment.
love the song love struck…. missing FTTS blushing




  1. I don’t know where to ask but can you upload High Heels of Park Hye Kyung?. Thanks.

  2. whoa~~~, thx alot.. i’ve looking for any old mv (fts, hot, shinhwa, tim, and other) but its so hard to find the good quality version (not youtube version).. can you upload more old mvs? and i’ve request for ft.island mvs from their 1st mv until bad woman mv (in good quality ofcourse), but you still haven’t upload it. TT_TT
    please upload.. miss wonbin so much..

    thanks ^^

  3. thanks ……
    missing them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. old vid?? cool, i’d like to see ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I like FTTS. Thanks for this MV.

    Missing U, Missing fly to the sky

  6. thanks for sharing..i really miss them. I craving for their old performance now..^___^ They are two great singers.. i hope they will be back again on stage together soon..

  7. thanx a lot
    i love the old school stuff ^^
    they bring back memories

  8. this file is mine, I had cut it on my own, its easy to see cause of the yellow text block and same size and even .ts, its from Music Video MKMF 2008 in october, please credit ==
    actually you never credit anything or anyone but I know you never record on your own , so even if you get it from torrent-forum, clubbox, jksky or any friends then you should credit ==..

  9. ledoquyen · ·

    duh ~ the original file of mine is 201 mb ~ but it has CF at the beginning , so i had to cut it out !

    actually, nothing here is yours.
    and, if you actually look at the filesize, check the “bytes” …i’m sure they won’t be the same ! (oops ! YES! THEY DON’T)
    and i have 6 or 7 different MVs from that show too ! it’s just that i don’t upload !
    OK ?

  10. I know what youre doing, cutting off a few bytes with VideoReDo (or any other programme) to change the size and telling that its your file, btw. right Before this MV there wasnst any advertisement..

    and I wonder if any of those 6 or 7 other MV’s are some of this list:

    Bi Rain – How To Avoid The Sun
    BoA – ID Peace B
    BoA – Atlantis Princess
    BoA – No.1
    FinKl – Now
    Fly To The Sky – Missing You
    H.O.T – Aiya
    H.O.T – Outside Castle
    Jang Na Ra – Sweet Dream
    Jewelry – I Really Like You
    Koyote – Paran
    Lee Hyori – 10 Minutes
    SES – Just In Love
    SES – U
    Shinhwa – Perfect Man
    Shinhwa – Wedding
    Shinhwa – Wild Eyes
    Wheesung – With Me

    as I had shared all those files on my Blog from the MV-MKMF 2008

    and when you download from jksky or whatever and cut off some bytes thats really lame,
    and I havent said that you took my files or whatever, I just said that you dont record the files on your own, so anywhere you got it from but wheres the credit at all?

    btw. Jksky and all the other forums (whereever you got it from) got the files from my Blog as they steal alot of things there…

    and I have 45 files with the yellow and grey text field from MV MKMF 2008, but I havent shared all of them yet also
    (for all the shows BEFORE 2005 they used yellow text and since 2005 show they used grey as they showed every day one more Year-special)

    you have only 6 or 7 files ..

    would like to know the 6 or 7 other files which you have.. wondering if their any from the list which I posted on the top, sure! and you dont need to answer back to me as you will just lie again, you know what youre doing , no need to make excuses…

    and I’m not doing this now cause you took 1 or few files from me, I just really wonder why you need to fake alot of your files and sell them as “yours” even never ever record anything on your own…

    do it like kutedragonbabe at least and write all the time “clubbox” even you steal it from anywhere else .. ==ยฐ

  11. oh forgot those on my list:
    Lee Jung Hyun – Wa
    Uhm Jung Hwa – Molra

    whatever I also have a Version with CF inside now, its so easy to cut it out of any other video and put it at the beginning from my Fly To The Sky MV… :


    … -.-

  12. ledoquyen · ·

    duh ~ are you still saying it’s your file even when i show you the original file ?
    it’s 201mb , don’t you see ?
    and it’s MY FILE which has the bigger “Bytes” …does it mean you cut a few “bytes” from my file instead …
    ok, just kidding, but not everything we got here is yours.. be practical!

    duh ~ then isn’t it just fine if i credit this to clubbox ? should i credit to clubbox from now on ?
    and if you re-stare at your first comment again =.= you’ll see that you actually say it’s yours.
    and that’s all the matter, it’s not yours.
    AND WHY JKSKY ? I don’t even have an account there =..=

    anyways, saying anything wouldn’t make you happy ! BUT THOSE ARE NOT LIES. tell me which one is lie ?
    isnt credit to clubbox is a lie ?
    well…you choose the things you believe…

    i may remember wrong what did i cut off but it isn’t the problem here, is it?

    …one more important thing …where is my excuse ? i didn’t and don’t and ..won’t make excuse ..to you.

    for the last, well..isn’t all you wanna know and have all the rights here are “this is yours or not” and i think i proved it’s not yours , right ?
    And why the hell i need to know all abt “your lesson” …i don’t need bodies tell me what to do!
    If Jksky are taking yours, go and talk to them instead!
    Ok, then it’s from clubbox, no question ?

  13. I dont care now if its mine or not, but why you lied and said that there was an advertisement at the beginning from that MV?
    I found my full MKMF show back,
    before there is a BoA MV and then directly comes FTTS MV theres really no CF,
    and also.. when I use VideoReDo and cut off a little CF part or some short things like just a few bites after saving the file again it turns out bigger, I dont know why that is so but that happens, I dunno which programme you use but if its not VideoReDo then the other programme might do the same thing, there is no excuse for having a “little bit” bigger file then, as it can turn out bigger after saving ~
    and there is really no CF at the beginning from FTTS MV which you could cut off
    also at the end theres no CF which you could cut off as theres directly Cherry Filter’s MV

    so if its mine or not dunno, but I just think so as you said that you cut off a “CF”
    if you say now “oh it was the end from other MV at the beginning” then I wont believe anymore now as it comes a bit late then…

    and also might be that you got the MV from any other page which had taken it from my Blog, maybe , maybe not so I cant blame you then but its still not your own record so anywhere the credit must go to and I see really never any credit at your page == ..
    you know where you get your files from, just credit them instead of cut off a few byte and change the filesize to make it yours ..

  14. ledoquyen · ·

    damn it ! do i have to remember things that i cut off EVERYTIME ?
    duh ~ obviously… so, im not gonna say “oh it was the end of another…” …ppl do forget and it’s not a big deal ..:|
    really, in that tons of MVs you uploaded…can u remmeber everything ? honestly, if the original file wasnt there anymore. well.. I DON’T
    oh ~ and if you really …that badly …want to see “things” at the begining or end ~ i can upload that “things” for ya ~ NOW, NO QUESTION ABT THIS ?

    anyways, if any site that took the file from you can’t have the size 201mb ~ the file may be bigger but it won’t be 1 or 2mb bigger, just a few bytes bigger.

    and what will you say if i can have another file (just like this one, and in this show) …but never uploaded by you ?
    so…arent things clear…not only you can have the files…

    and others credits isn’t your bussiness to take care!
    there’re actually some reasons that make me cant credit properly, like …”i don’t know who did upload it ๐Ÿ˜ they don’t have usename or sth like that” and credit would just be the same as “Clubbox” ๐Ÿ˜ how many Boxes are there in the clubbox T.T
    it would be just a waste of time credit to somewhere like clubbox, isnt it !
    Anyways, again ! it’s fine for me if you don’t believe! or don’t want to believe

    say again! it’s not your bussiness! and i don’t think i have to explain it to you ~
    if you wanna see, i can upload more files in the show that you don’t have!
    and still you SAY IT’S YOURS ?
    OK ..to make this end fast! you want me to credit to you ? easy for me! (though it’s not yours) but one line of “nothing” can’t kill me !
    You want it ? duh ~ im bored ! ๐Ÿ˜

    oh ~ btw, there are CREDITS at my page, just because you didnt see it doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

  15. yes, actually I remember alot, even I didnt found my full show of that MKMF anymore at first but I knew there was no CF before the FTTS MV, and I know still at which parts those CFs were and that there was only 1 CF in every year’s show even the files are from october last year, and I remember like 95% of the credits where I had taken any file from and from which person as I care alot about credits

    ok I dont use clubbox so I dont know but I would remember also about the clubbox uploader I guess
    thats whats so sad at clubboxes.. my friends told me that many uploaders stopped sharing at clubbox last time.. as the credit get lost there too often as people dont mention the uploader, they just mention “clubbox”

    hm.. and ok you got the file from anywhere else, I’m sure I’m not the only one with that MKMF show files but like I said sadly theres no credit

  16. i prefer brian ahh so cute

    thank you

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