FT Island – Barae (M!Countdown 090806) [TS 720×480]

duh ~ Mnet should be more organized no talking (watch the vid and u’ll see what i’m talking abt). And….what happens to Minhwan’s face ?! XD



  1. thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    u’re so fast kk

    I wanna see it

    DL noww haha

  2. wookyuhae · ·

    took this… thanks

  3. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    I see in capture pix *-* poor minhwan

    Thanks for your sharing

  4. kinokisou · ·

    so fasttttt…

    can’t wait to see ><.
    hahahaha XDXD.

  5. thankssss
    jaejin’s so cuteee ❤

  6. gahh u know tht i love u right? >.<
    thanks for uploading ^^

  7. thxz a lot for sharing^^

    u r very very fast 555…

  8. Hoshi Kuran · ·

    Arigato~ =3

  9. BeeHwan · ·

    thank you so much ^^V…

  10. thank you^^

  11. u mean the ending?
    n i was abt to ask u what happened to Minhwan.. lol
    tysm anyway~ ^^

  12. no.comment · ·

    thank you ^^

  13. yuNhobellA · ·

    is this when they cut seunghyun in the middle of his rap????
    btw thanks for this~~~

  14. Ranhcu* · ·

    Thank you very much ^^

    I want to seeeeeeeeeeeee >u<

  15. thanks a bunch!! ^^

  16. thanks alot hailey…minhwan always doesnt have the good camera shots of him..next time he should be in front..along with the others

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