Daily Archives: August 4, 2009

[450p] Music Bank 2009-07-31 (full show CUT)

enjoy ~ Please comment if you download anything ^^~ all the links will be up in a couple hours ! Just in case u didn’t notice FT Island‘s performance can be found [ HERE ]

FT island – Hangul Island Season 2 EP4 (090802)

continue the story of F3T full of Seunghyun cuteness check it out ! (please don’t ask for the sub. It’ll come when it comes)

[Drama] Unstopable Marriage E62 (080131) – Jaejin & FT4 [HQ]

lol ~ this is one of my all time favourite XD No matter how many times i watched this….it’s still funny FT4 200th post of FT Island ! i’ve always wanted to post something old in 200th post something with Wonbin

FT Island – Barae + Song2 + Interview (KimJungEun Chocolate 090802) [2ver.]

TOTALLY LIVE STAGE !!! 720p HD UPDATED! now to all who say “i’d like FT Island more if they play live” …….puhlease!!