FT Island – Barae (Music Core 090801) [HD 1920×1088 +HQ]

love the stage big hug…… and there’s also something special about this perf love struck…… instead of let seunghyun sings the first rap love struck, he sings the last which was cut before tongue


[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD 1024×576 (171mb) :



  1. So quick as usual.
    Many thanks in deed.

  2. BeeHwan · ·


    thank you for sharing..

  3. kinokisou · ·

    so pink !!
    hahahaha and hongki’s ring is pink too!!


  4. really10x love them… love the song sooo much too but somehow their pants’ colour….

  5. wookyuhae · ·

    i took this.. and I do took some others after this… for your information,, I love FT island rite now…50% is because of you..hahaha… and I do hope that u will posted their LIve perf in Kim Jung Eun Chocolate.. PLEASE and I know You will rite???

  6. thxz alot for sharing every file that u are very fast everyday^^

    I love their outfits again they look very bright with pink pant and very charming 555
    But this perf was very short so their perf was vary fast…

  7. 고마워요!

  8. oh, can you upload 450p please, thank before.

  9. some. Thank you!

  10. thank you, you’re so fast!!!!
    jaejin’s pink glasses look so cute on him! >.<

  11. Thanks a bunch!

  12. Thank you! ^-^

  13. strawberry · ·

    thanks bb =)

  14. gyah it’s shorter than the first ones.. ^^;
    nvm new part of Seunghyun’s rap.. lol
    but.. i kind of feel they’re not that excited here.. less playful.. less smile.. gyah this perf is kinda gloomy.. but nvm.. i’m taking.. tysm~ ^^

  15. yuNhobellA · ·

    so at last the second rap part of seunghyun is on air huh??hooray!!!!thanks for this!!!

  16. Hoshi Kuran · ·

    Arigato~ =3

  17. risa_mae · ·


  18. dindasnow · ·

    thank you sooo much for all the ft island performances..
    I love theeemmm 🙂

  19. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  20. thank you for sharing ^__^

  21. Thank you very much ^^

  22. jakuzzii · ·

    thanks for the hd ver… 🙂

  23. thank you for sharing

  24. thanks for sharing XD

  25. Thanks for the video!
    Haha, pink style!

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