T-ara – Wanna Play (Music Bank 090731) [HD 1920×1088]

enjoy ~ please say thanks ^^~
it has been their second time lipsynching this song … and i’m gonna say i’m so not into them … bad dance, can’t sing ??! if it’s that hard to sing and dance at the same time, they better don’t dance.
anyways ^^~… this is for my friend’s request !




  1. i wanna see ~ ^^ so thanks so much !

  2. iheartsunmi · ·

    thanks 😀

  3. Thanks~~

  4. Thank you!I like this song!

  5. Hiro Shionji · ·

    thank you

  6. thank you a lot for posting up the videos!!~
    it must be hard work~
    once again,thanx for the t-ara vid!!~^^

  7. kulakalu · ·

    nhóm T-ara này phong cách cũng ổn quá nhỉ.
    Bạn up perf Debut của T-ara ở SBS cho mình xin với nhé.
    Thanks so much

  8. Thanks for sharing…actually love LIES 🙂

  9. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  10. apehtislandeh · ·

    thanks for the video! i honestly was looking forward to their performance…but they kind of lipsynched since the music was so loud. their dancing wasn’t great either…so i think they totally should sing the ballad vers. live and forget about dancing for now.

  11. kpoproks · ·

    um tara wasnt lipsynching the background music was just on too loud u can also hear them breathing

  12. ledoquyen · ·

    They lipsynced to Wanna Play and sang live for Lies…. T_T ….and what’s the point of singing live if “the background music is too loud” and i almost couldn’t hear their real voice !?

    still…”the background music is too loud” EVEN in “LIES” too .It was really overpowering their voices.

  13. risa_mae · ·

    Thanks 4 sharing!

  14. apehtislandeh · ·

    lol..when i said they kind of lipsynched in Lies….i meant that the background music kind of drowned out their singing that i didn’t consider it a Live performance…but their recent performance was much better 🙂

  15. now i’m interested in seeing this performance. haven’t been too impressed with them.

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