DNT – Crazily Beautiful (Music Bank 090731) [HD 1920×1088]

enjoy ~ please say thanks ^^~
i know that my blog has nothing but FT Island these days love struck….i’ll try to have more of others from now on tongue.. but u understand that FTIsland’s files will still be my most important, right?big grin
Anyways, back to DNT… this is their first time on Music Bank ^^~…and …that guy in white and pink needs to work more on his vocal….BUT….plus point for them, it’s LIVE happy




  1. BinguTOP · ·

    Thanks for this i really like DNT

  2. great .. i wanna see their perf once

  3. patt02746 · ·

    Thank you very much!!!
    I really like this song
    it is so cool
    their dance is look like girl group haha ^^
    I like it!!! so cute >///<
    Can I shearing it on fan site?

  4. Love you!!!
    Thanks a lot for upload this file!!

  5. ledoquyen · ·

    @patt02746 : yes ^^~…..under one condition ~ plz credit and link back =D

    btw, they have a fansite ?? XD where ? XD i’ve never got there =D

  6. thank you i miss them

    there is a fansite (or was???)
    but it’s not very updated because the boys didn’t really have a lot of activites going on back then so i hadn’t checked it out since then

    sorry, i don’t remember the URL T_____T

  7. Woah love ya!
    thank you so much!!! ^0^

  8. ahh i rlly like then
    thank you ❤

  9. patt02746 · ·

    Thank you!!!
    I live in Thailand fansite ^^
    This is community of Dnt V


    I think it look like soompi
    but they permission to sharing a file
    and this V DNT Thailand fansite


    however it have to login before live in it ^^

    but now I can’t download this file
    because my computer is too bad!!! T^T

  10. star_shine · ·

    I’ve been looking for their performances~! Thank you!

  11. I just really, really want to say THANK YOU! I thought no one was uploading this, and it’s HD, so kfajodfmoda. :DDDDDD

    If you can continue to upload their performances, I’d be forever grateful!

  12. patt02746 · ·

    @ledoquyen ::

    Thnaks for sharing!!!
    I was sharing it in this forum V


    Thanks very much ^^

  13. yes, is true, it seems like an ftisland blog, but hey, thanks for all your uploads, there’s no way i’ll know about this if you don’t upload it 🙂

  14. shiieko · ·

    thanks~~ ❤

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