FT island – Barae (MCoutdown 090730) [TS 720×480]

ah ~ awesome XD…i’ve always wanted them to perform outside like this love strucklove struck



  1. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  2. Thanks for shared

    u’re so fast


  3. Thxz a lot for sharing^^

    u always so fast

    I like their outfits so much

    They look very cute and handsome 555…

  4. BinguTOP · ·

    Do you only upload the FT Island stuff? >.<

  5. thx u so much

  6. BeeHwan · ·

    thank for sharing^^V

  7. sunney_here · ·

    thank yo very much ^^….

    took this…

  8. kinokisou · ·

    thank you so much !!
    so fast !!! hahahaha.

  9. pls put up music bank performances

  10. praewminhong · ·

    thank yo very much

    I like their outfits so much

    i love you!!!!!!!!


  11. THANK YOU!!

  12. Thanks a bunch!

  13. thank you^^

  14. Hoshi Kuran · ·

    Arigato~ =3

  15. Woww…Thank you very much..
    They’re really awesome.

  16. taking it ~
    thanks! 😀

  17. love this! thanks a million!

  18. strawberry · ·

    thanks bb =)

  19. hello! it seems that the performance stopped at Jung Hoon’s solo part. did you miss one file extension or it’s originally like that? thanks for the upload anyhow! love the performance.

  20. Thanks so much! Really appreciate you taking time off to upload for us ❤

  21. i like how the water splash.. lol tysm~ ^^

  22. perf on bright sunnye day <33
    thank you for sharing ^^

  23. Thank you for sharing ^^

  24. This performance and a bunch of the ones before it don’t work anymore D: is there any way I can ask you to reupload them for me? If it’s not too much trouble! Thank you for all your hard work on getting these performances to us! ♥

  25. ledoquyen · ·

    what do you mean don’t work ?
    i’ve just tried the link above and it works just find for me !
    it would takes me years to re-upload this and “a bunch before” T_T ….well, i will if there’s anything wrong with the link (but there isn’t)

    sometimes it just happens to mediafire … try again later would help a lot ^^~
    To this performance. Here i got you one mirror link


  26. Ah, I’m so sorry for the request! T_T It was selfish of me! But for about 24 hours, whenever I clicked on the download link, it would take me straight to the mediafire homepage >.< but it's working now!

    Haha and "a bunch" turned out to be about three. I'm sorry again for the request, especially since they seem to be working again 🙂 thanks again for uploading all these ♥

  27. i also loves watching them performing at an outdoor space like this too66
    thanks hailey for sharing

  28. Thank you for sharing once again 🙂

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