[MV] K.Will – Love Is Punishment [HQ]



  1. 진짜 고마워요.. 난 K-Will은 사랑해!

  2. if you hear the song “will you marry me” of Lee seung ki, you will like him. Trust me cause i did. 🙂

  3. aaaa..진짜? i tried dloading the song but failed that day.. thanks for reminding me..

    i’ve always love seunggi.. been watching him in 1박2일..

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! love the drama and the songs in it!

  5. thank you for sharing, Hailey ^^

  6. COURTNEYY · ·

    i haven’t been on wordpress in ages!
    thanks so much for this!
    i am currently HOOOOKED on the drama and all the songs are very catchy!


  7. thank you very much
    I like Bea soo bin.

  8. Thank you for sharing

  9. matsurika · ·

    i’ve been watching this drama since yesterday and i love it a lot~
    thank you so much for sharing~

  10. Thank you for sharing

  11. hey I’m sorry. but can you reup 001 file? because I downloaded 5 times already but the file keep on get disconnected halfway. this does not happen to 002 file.

  12. hay thanks for uploading this!!
    well i’ve been searching the best quality,
    and… sub. but yeah for now, downloadin this
    thankyousomuch ❤

  13. i love lee seung gi…

    i love han hyo than moon chae won..PROUD TO BE KOREAN

  14. lee seung gi is so cute, handsome and cool guy.. 😀

  15. love k.will · ·

    Thank you for sharing.k.will excellent.

  16. i love tis song
    this drama..
    and lee seung gi..
    thank u for sharing.

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