Daily Archives: July 20, 2009

[MV] FT Island – I Hope (Barae) [wmv + avi]

will upload higher quality version (TP/TS) once i found it

[MV] 2NE1 – I Don’t Care (TS 720×480)

REQUEST please !!! and DO NOT take out !

FT Island – Interview, Marry Me, I Hope + MC CUT (SBS 090719) [HD 1920X1088 + 720p]

720p version’s now AVAILABLE!!! aaaa !!! XDXD Hwan is mine XDXD… LOL!! Don’t know why but … i always thought this time the camera man would be different T_T i mean, after everything ….T_T he still always focus on HongKi T_T MORE MAGNAE ! MORE MAGNAE !…

[450p] FT Island – Interview, Marry Me, I Hope (SBS 090719) + MC CUT

i’m back back back XDXD…. Can’t believe i missed such a wonderful stage XDXD Love Hwan’s new hair Finally it changed … LOL!! JaeJin looks a lot better when i saw him in the MV Anyways, did i say i LOVE the song

[MV] Sori – Boy Boy [HQ]

[MV] K.Will – Love Is Punishment (Starring Lee Seung Ki) [Brilliant Legacy OST]

[MV] Clazziquai – Love Again

[MV] Ousider – Loner

[MV] Ock Joo Hyun & The Ray – Farewell Review (Star’s Secret Life OST)