[album] FT Island – Cross & Change (vol.3)

Release Date: 2009-07-16
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/Rock
Bit Rate: 192 & 320 KBPS
i can’t believe my last post will be FT Island’s album cryingcrying (last post in this week big grin)  .. i’ll start moving in 5mins T_T and i haven’t listened to the album broken heart Can u believe that !?! crying
Anyways, there’s something i have to say about the title song, AMAZING!! AWESOME!!! INCREDIBLY GOOD
01 빙빙빙 (Bing Bing Bing)
02 바래 (Barae – I hope)
03 미우나 고우나 (Miwoona Gowoona – Love It, Hate It)
04 천사와 나무꾼 (Cheonsawa Namukhun – The Angel and the Woodman)
05 소년 소녀를 만나다 (Soneon Soneoreul Mannada – Boy Meets Girl)
06 결혼해줘 (Gyeolhonhaejwo – Marry Me)
07 꼭은 아니더라도 (Kkogeunn Anideoradok – Even if it’s not necessary)
08 첫눈에 알아 (Cheotnune Ara – I already knew it at first sight)
09 보내주기 (Bonaejugii – To Send)
10 못난이 (Motnani – Ugly)
11 남의 속도 모르고 (Nanmui Sokkdoh Moreugo – Make Little of Others)
12 바래 (Ver.2)
DOWNLOAD (192kbps) : [ MEDIAFIRE ]
DOWNLOAD (320kbps) : [ TRACK1->8 ] [ TRACK9->12 ]

Yes ! i have their MV … but i don’t have time now T_T so, try to look for it in FT Island’s international forum , u’ll find it ^^~


  1. thanks honey

  2. thank you very much! i knew you’d post this! ^__^

  3. pineapple · ·

    thank you very much! but the link for track1-8 320 kbps is directed to your homepage..

  4. dc_xiah · ·

    gosh!!thank you so much!

  5. iyachan · ·

    Thank you soo much!
    I’ve waited so long for this!
    You’re so awesome!

    One problem though, the mediafire link for tracks 1-11 320kpbs brings you straight back this page…not to the mediafire link :-\

  6. Pynkfaery · ·

    thanks a lot!
    i know you will post this 🙂

    will you upload their new mv, too?
    that MV is too cool!

    anyway, thanks again!

  7. AsazuKi · ·

    thank a lot
    i wait for it
    love it very much
    i see full mv yet
    they so cute >_<

  8. thank you one million times

  9. strawberry · ·

    thanks bb =)

  10. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Thank you thank you!!

  12. BeeHwan · ·

    thank you very much^^V

  13. sunney_here · ·

    thank you so much ^^

    have been waiting for this >,<

  14. ~shasha~ · ·

    thanx a lot~~
    really2 thanx…
    wanna listen to this badly~~

  15. an_ubzgal · ·

    thank you for shared

  16. an_ubzgal · ·

    i can’t download 320kb TRACK 1->8 TT^TT

  17. Thanx for shared^^

  18. huwow.. thanks alot.. you’re rock!!!!

  19. God, I’ve found that site searching the new album and it’s amazing! thank you for the album, ^^

  20. Sakura Kiss · ·

    gosh.. so fast and such HQ…i love it. thank you sooo much, but also the 1-8 320kbps goes to the homepage.

  21. lol went straight to ur blog to download this! knew you’d post it ^.<

    thx much dear ^.^


  22. zenitshu · ·

    thank you so much!! ^^

  23. thanks u so much for sharing…
    but link for track1-8 directed to ur homepage XD

  24. Thank you so much!
    OMG! FTI <333!!

  25. onelove · ·

    thank you so much.
    i’ve been waiting for this
    can’t wait to listen to it.
    i know i won’t be disappointed.

  26. matsurika · ·

    thank you SO much~
    but yeah, like ghost said, link for track 1-8 directed to your site..can you fix it please?thanks in advance~

  27. Thanks a lot…
    Luv ya…
    U’r d’best… 🙂

  28. thxz a lot for sharing^^

    wanna listen a lot

  29. HyunSu30 · ·

    Thank you very much!!
    More power to you!

  30. thank you so much!!!!

  31. thanks for the link

    minhwaaaannn ❤

  32. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    I like every songs

    It’s very cool!

    Thanks for your sharing

  33. tnx for share, i’ll DL it


  35. Thank you ! I really want to listen to their new album ! I wonder if their style has changed or not… ^-^

  36. 김홍기 · ·

    thanks for shared

    I love Bing Bing Bing


  37. thank you so much…

  38. chizuuu · ·

    thanks a lot~ ^^

  39. wooow this is their new album with new member…

    thank you so much for sharing…
    but when i dl track1-8 the link site is your homepage??

  40. thnk u very2 much1 u’re awesome!

  41. Good album.

  42. Changna · ·

    thank… ^^

  43. iHeartFTIsland · ·

    Actually I only want to ask a question.. I went to your old blog to find old videos, but it’s said that Yahoo360 had closed since July 13. All remaining materials will no longer be accessible. But you can still move your blog posts until July 19. I wonder if you had move it to the new profile?? I’m hoping that you do because I haven’t download any old FTI files from there.. (^^);;

  44. Thank so much..
    I’ll downloaditnw!!! Xie-xie…

  45. emmalee · ·

    thank yoou so much

  46. haneerar · ·

    thanks! got these yesterday and i only got the chance to listen to it today. thank you very much. but i’ll be buying the album aswell. 🙂

  47. tupssipOp · ·

    thank you so much!!!
    I just love the album!!

  48. Kim Rhizu · ·

    Thank You so much…
    I love this Album
    They are so Cool XD
    The Best…

  49. For the 320kps 1-8, it’s the wrong link T^T

  50. Thank you. ^^

  51. bondhahnmrt85 · ·

    Thx, but I only can get the 192kbps ver. 😦
    The link of Track 1-8 of 320kbps is wrong

  52. Primadonna Island Team · ·

    comeback soon, U can’t miss their comeback stage^^
    OMG I can’t wait. that album is perfect because fresh & bright song ‘ll help Hun and Min have more opportunity to show their skill. on the other hand, primadonna and many listener can enjoy JIn and Hyun’s voice. They rap so well. Is that right? sr for my poor E^^ anyway thanks U so lot, and hope that U can update their per, soon^^ LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. mystical · ·

    ah.I’m waiting for this
    But the link for track 1-8 is wrong.

  54. God, vol 3 XDDDDDD
    Our boys are back XD
    Thank you so so so much ^^

  55. jaelover · ·

    thanks !

  56. thx a lot ! love your blog so much !

  57. thank you so much > <
    love ftisland

  58. Lee is VIP! · ·

    yayy!! thank you!! how ur moving btw?
    oh.. i’ll enjoy thiz song..

  59. Omg! thank you so much ^-^

  60. thanks a lot for the album…. can’t wait to my copy!

  61. Where will you be moving to?

  62. best

  63. izakikei · ·

    thank you for sharing this !! i luv their new songs ~

  64. thanks for sharing..i’m addicted to their songs now =)

  65. thak you for sharing New album

  66. anemonzlaut · ·

    hello~ I’m new to ft island. can you please make a new link, cz this one has already deleted. 😦

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