Hong Jin Young, Seeya, Davichi – Love Battery [Inkigayo 090712] (HD 1920×1088)

REQUEST NOW !!! winkingLinks Updated !! enjoy ~ please say thanks ^^~




  1. i like this song ^^~ u know, trot and pop xD

    thank you 😀

  2. evri ness · ·

    awesome!!love this song hehe^^
    may i request for this^___^

  3. can i reguest for this too
    Thank You!

  4. kpopster · ·

    i like this performance a lot.
    can i request this too
    Thank you!

  5. i request this too, please
    Thank you very much

  6. bondhahnmrt85 · ·

    I request it too…
    THX 😉

  7. Upload please, Thank you for sharing

  8. Requesting this,GO HONG JIN YOUNG!!!!!

  9. BrownEyedLove · ·

    Is there an mp3 of this?

  10. i like this song, Request

  11. Request,Thank you for sharing

  12. Requesting this, Thx

  13. Can i have the link?TQ!
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hiei_chan · ·

    I like this perf ^^ Can I repuest it?

    Thx for advance ^^

  15. taemin808 · ·

    please please please upload!!!

  16. WAAAaaaaa thanks!!!

  17. Can i request this! please ^^

  18. omg~ thank you so much
    Davichi is LOVE!!!

  19. cutieyard · ·

    thank u 😡

  20. vanggirlie · ·

    thank you. been looking for this perf in HD and in general. love Davichi, Seeya, and especially Hong Jin Young.

  21. Thank You

  22. Yes, say thankkkkkkkk lol
    Hơi buồn tí vì k có file đẹp nhưg nhẹ như của FT mọi khi 😦
    Bây h mới down perf này dở hơi thiệt =))
    Thanks unnie nhé 😡

  23. I’ve problem accessing the 2nd file (MEDIAFIRE02).
    Perhaps you can re-upload that file. Thanks again your wonder contribution.

  24. ledoquyen · ·

    @mexuswch: ..all you need to do is wait ..(it could be a couple days)
    mediafire is probably busy ~
    the link still works fine for me ~

  25. Thanks. The link is working now.

  26. thank you for sharing~!

  27. Old_Movado · ·

    HaeRi is soooo good!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  28. Thank you! I randomly Googled for this performance and ended up at this blog yet again. (Actually, I was already browsing the Kara section to begin with. xP)

    Thanks for all your uploads!

  29. jean cantin · ·

    Hong Jin Young is really cute !

  30. download link1 and link2 not work, please upload again, tnk u

  31. Seshiluna · ·



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