FT Island – Until You Return (Mnet 071220) [HQ]

This is definitely a MUST WATCH !!! XDXD….
Minhwan and Jaejin’s cute outfits love struck Wonbin and Hongki loos great on that ..”hat thingy” big grin Leader was so gorgeous during guitar solo day dreaming
One more thing big grin Love HongKi and Jonghun at 0:25 love strucklove struck



  1. Thanks again!

  2. yuri lin · ·

    thank u ^^

  3. Primadonna Island Team · ·

    oh god. I miss Bin so much^^ And now U have posted the old video of them. LOVE U SO MUCH

  4. thank you for posting older videos 🙂 these are GOLD!

  5. Thanks for old clip

    i miss WONBIN so much

  6. dc_xiah · ·

    thank you!i love ft island so much and cant wait for their album!thank you for all your hard work. *_*

  7. matsurika · ·

    thank you so much~

  8. thank you~~^^

  9. sennaness · ·

    thank u sooo much for this!!!

  10. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  11. thank you for sharing, Hailey ^^

  12. gyah definitely taking.. tysm~ ^^

  13. iHeartFTIsland · ·

    ah..finally i can download vids again! =D*
    last time i couldn’t because my compt was full.. :X
    and YAYY..Wonbin!! ♥♥ def’ want more HongBin duet~~ ♪♪
    will download it now.. thank you so much yea! ^^

  14. love than song ^_^
    thank you =)

  15. thank U honey for uploading ^^
    Your.sis: Affo}–*

  16. Thanks a lot ^^

  17. thanks for this clip. It’s not easy to find HD quality video of their perf in 2007.

  18. Fuuyuki · ·

    Thanks for sharing this ^^”

  19. Kaze@360kpop · ·

    Thanks again

  20. Thank You So Much !!!
    Hongki’s voice is always the best ^^
    And I really miss WB’ rap.
    Definitely love this song

  21. Lascanstria · ·

    I really love this song! such a sad song.. thank you so much for sharing the performance.. ^^

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