FT Island – Love Sick (Inkigayo 070805) [HD 1920×1088]

be careful with the date T_T .. i got them messed up so… i’m not sure if it’s the right one tongue
Anyways, about the performance, what can i say XDXD….great as always … big grinthe stage is really simple but the outfits are just nice and the camera-man did a good job ^^~
Ok, XD i’m gonna admit it now … XD I LOVE WONBIN …SO WHAT?? LOL!!




  1. Thank you so much !!!
    I relly miss OWB. Where’s he now ??

  2. HKchopstix1012 · ·

    i love that you’re uploading these old performances. it’s so bittersweet. >_<

    thank you so much for sharing! ❤

  3. an_ubzgal · ·

    Awwww…. honggi so cute thank you for shared ^^

  4. @ shine, wonbin is training again and preparing for his solo debut.
    thanks so much for sharing~ miss binnie so much T_____T and hongki sang beautifully as always<3

  5. i haven’t collected their perf. before.
    cool to see HD file like this!!

    big thank~^ ^

  6. iHeartFTIsland · ·

    thank you!! ^^ this HD version is awesome!!
    now I can clearly see my Wonbin & Honggi.. *gets shot*
    thanks for taking your time and effort for these..
    it means so much to me.. :’) thanks a lot! ~

  7. thank you so much, Hailey <33

  8. Thank you so much ^^

  9. Thank you so much for the HD version of this performance. Hong Gi’s singing so powerful in this one, and Wonbin’s rap is very strong.

  10. thank you
    i miss you wonbin > <

  11. Urah♥ · ·

    i have been finding this for a long time~~
    thank you so much!!

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