FT Island – Love Sick (Inkigayo 070708) [HQ 1024×576]

i also have this file in HD big grin Tell me if any of you want it XD… This is one of their “TAKE 1” perf. on Inkigayo happy Let’s watch and check out HongKi’s “special move” again !!! laughing




  1. definetely wants the HD version *puppy eyes*
    thanks a lot
    you’re the best !!!!!!

  2. I wanna have the HQ version too! How I miss Wonbin! Tnamks in advance!

  3. iyachan · ·

    I want the HD version please! 😀

  4. Speedyplatinum · ·

    HD version please!
    I’d LOVE it ^^

  5. yeah yeah~
    i love HD version~
    please^ ^~and thanks

  6. I would like to have HD version
    thank u so much ^^

  7. iHeartFTIsland · ·

    I would love the HD version too..
    all HD videos of old FTI are treasures,
    so thank you very much for sharing them.. :’)

  8. you know I want it =DD
    thank you, Hailey ^^
    will talk to you soon ^^;;

  9. thanks 😀

  10. matsurika · ·

    thanks a ton!!!!

  11. Ooh,what kind of move?Thanks!

  12. Thank you very much ^^

  13. Thank you for showing.
    I would like to watch in HD version for this performance!!!
    Thank you so much in advance!!!

  14. I love Hong Gi’s hairstyle in this period the most. Very pure-looking boy with such astonishingly powerful voice and passionate expression and body language. The contrast is really impressive.

  15. could I ask the file of HD version?

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