[MV PREVIEW] FT Island – 3rd Album ‘Cross & Change”

the whole new album is coming next Thursday love strucklove struck 16 July … U can take some times and check out the preview AND presentation at their homepage [ HERE ]
It sure will satisfy your eyes day dreaming We’ll see if that satisfy your ears or not rock on!
DOWNLOAD (preview) : [ MEDIAFIRE ]



  1. 16 July???? Owkay…
    I’ll waiting for this.. ^^
    By the way, i’ve requested FT island’s Friendship MV.. haven’t you upload it? hehe..
    I also need their Mvs from debut until Nappeun Yeoja.. My Collection is not HQ.. thats why I requesting to you. hopefully you have all thier HQ or HD MVs.. thx before.. ^^

  2. christeee · ·

    hellooo..! i cant wait for it to come out!! 😀
    i am already satisfied :3 keke~
    and thanks aswell~

  3. Thanks for sharing the preview, can’t wait for the full version!

  4. an_ubzgal · ·

    Thanks for sharing the preview..and i wait for FT island’s Friendship MV…lol

  5. christeee · ·

    hmm, just asking, cos i watched this vid on youtube and i was wondering if you have the video of ft island’s episode of wally’s dorm attack [aired on 090406]. . cos they are rather cute there ^_^ and i really want to download the video~ if you do, may u please upload it on here ^^”

    hope im not asking too much, thx

  6. me again.. i think you must re-upload ALL FT island video, because there’s alot new Primadona out there, hehehe, including me ^^

  7. holy-!!! they look so freakin gooood–esp JH haha:p can’t wait<333 so dam eXIteD xxx

  8. OMG! i totally forgot about the upcoming album. thanks a million for the preview…. i need to pre-order now!

  9. AsazuKi · ·

    thank you very much
    I’m waiting for full mv
    I love F.T Island ^^

  10. Wow I cant wait…..
    In the caption Jaejin looks like hyunchul from Xing *My Gravatar*
    Thank you

  11. sennaness · ·

    thanks for sharing!!^___^

  12. seriously…I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Tomorrow I’ll have to go out of town for 3 days!! aarrghhh… away from my comp… away from FTI… and have to wait until friday to hear the songs & see the MV >_<

  14. bizahut · ·

    Thank you for your sharing this MV
    and i’ve requested FT island’s Friendship MV too.

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