[ENG] FT Island – She Doesn’t Know (2nd Concert DVD)

333i didn’t want to sub or upload this video ealier because… if i did, some may not buy their DVD big grin Anyways, since they’ll comeback with the full new album this end-July NEXT WEEK love strucklove struck i’m gonna do some re-up during that time winking U… remember to buy their album big grin ok ? big hug
Wake me up when July ends



  1. new jib soon? oh wow,
    thx for upping

  2. Sylvia · ·

    WoW! Tnanks a bunch!

  3. thanks a lot for subbing….

  4. iyachan · ·

    Thank You! 😀

  5. thanks for uploading!

  6. an_ubzgal · ·

    thank you for shared ^^

  7. woooow!!
    thank you!!
    i love the MV^^

  8. yeah couldn’t hardly wait for the 3rd jib!
    thanks for the file, Hailey 🙂

  9. Thankz Q to sub the MV
    ………. ………..
    I want to buy both Album vol3 and photobook!!!
    But….I am lacking something such as money…=.=”’
    So bad!!!

  10. Thank U!!!

  11. yeoyeo · ·

    thank you!!!!!^^

  12. em có cái dvd đó rồi ;)) nhưng lười up lắm ;)) up đc 1 phần cái mv lên thui ;)) vẫn chưa sub cái này =.=

  13. evri ness · ·

    awesome!!!!! 😀
    thaaaaaaanks for sharing!!!

  14. Thanks… 🙂

  15. Pynkfaery · ·

    thanks dear!

  16. zombienarc · ·

    they look hot here. thanks =)

  17. Thanks alooot for sharing

  18. Can I take frm you tube file ??
    That if U don’t mind…. ^^

  19. ledoquyen · ·

    what do u mean by take FROM youtube file ?
    u wanna download it FROM my youtube ? in that case 😀 no, i don’t mind …at all 😛

    OR if u wanna take my file and then upload to utube?
    Sure, u can do that, just remember give credit to me ^^~

  20. Hah…hah…hah…
    That’s funny… 🙂
    Sorry if my English little bit confusing… ^^
    And thx god that u still understand what I mean…
    All files that I’ve been taken from U,it just 4 my private collection only… 🙂
    Komawo, sis…
    Luv ya…

  21. thanks for sharing! hwaiting 🙂

  22. yobirin · ·

    thank you =)
    love this song

  23. thank you for sharing

  24. Thank you, I really like this one xD

  25. sassycie · ·

    thank you..

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