Brown Eyed Girls & Park Ji Heon – Snow Prince (Mnet 080131) [TP 720×480]

i believe most of you should know that the original version of this song belongs to SS501 big grin (or i’d watched only that version blushing) … it was really cute ^^~
this special stage was so suitable for christmas love struck and JiHeon’s voice was amazing XDXD
watch this to cool down the summer heat is a good idea love strucklove struck… i feel like missing SS501 already tongue


  1. Sylvia · ·

    Oh! It seems that I have missed this perf.! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. yeah it’s SS501 song =D
    thank you for the HQ files, Hailey ^^

  3. sool47 · ·

    thanks for sharingg^^

  4. e_mo_nim · ·

    Thank You so much

  5. azi_ara · ·

    Thank you…
    I’m taking it… ^-^

  6. thank you

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