[album] Various Artists – The Love Of 7 years (Part.1)

ALBUM: “The Love Of 7 Years” (Yoo YoungSeok’s 20th Year Anniversary Album Part.1)
Release Date: 2009-06-30
Language: Korean
Genre: ballad
Bit Rate: 192  KBPS
01. 7년간의 사랑 – Suju’s Kyu-Hyun
02. 눈물나는 날에는 – Kim Yeon Wook
03. 꿈에서 본 거리 – Winterplay
DOWNLOAD (192kbps) : [ MEDIAFIRE ]


  1. I like Kyu Hyun’s voice, thank you…

  2. Oh~ Suju’s Kyu-Hyun….
    Thank you
    beautiful song

  3. aaa
    finally found
    thx ^^

  4. chizuuu · ·

    thanks ^^

  5. pkyoung · ·

    i LOVEEE winterplay. i dream about winterplay

    thanks btw

  6. thx so much! I was waiting for Kyu’s solo so much T.T
    his voice just breaks my heart lol XD

  7. thank you ive been waiting for the kyu song

  8. thank you…
    i also wanna hear that kyu hyun’s song

  9. kyu~rin · ·

    i try to dwnload but it said the key is invalid.
    can you try to check the link?
    tq vey much..

  10. rairakku · ·

    thank you so much!

  11. thanx u for this…

  12. I’ve been looking so hard for this! Kamsahabnida 😀 Kyuhyun’s voice is so dreamy~

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