Monthly Archives: July 2009

FT Island – Barae (Music Bank 090731) [HD 1920×1088 + HQ]

yah ~ let’s happy for them no.4 this week …going up up up XDXD

FT island – Barae (MCoutdown 090730) [TS 720×480]

ah ~ awesome XD…i’ve always wanted them to perform outside like this

[ENGSUB] FT Island – Hangul Island Season 2 EP2 (090719)

Brought To You By PrimadonnaSubs. TRANSLATED BY GRACE SUBBED BY hailey isn’t this cool hah ? XDXD…. we all finished subbing and translating in just 2 days XDXD … And that i have to say “Grace, U ROCK!!!”

FT Island – Litmus CF Filming (Mnet NoCut Story 080314)

my favourite CF shooting … Minhwan being cute in front of the camera XDXD … hongki was energetic as always and u should also watch the CF to see how it was done impressive

FT Island – Interview (SatZone CH7) [090718-25 ThaiTV]

Credit to: FT Island Thailand they’re so cute in here i found out something after watching the vid XD….That’s ……leader also knows how to entertain Special thanks to Miink HongG for sending me the links ^^~

FT Island – Interview (TokKhao Buntherng CH3) [090706 ThaiTV]

Credit to: FT Island Thailand

FT Island – Interview [CH3 168 Hours 090725] (Thai TV)

Credit to: FT Island Thailand it’s really weird watching Seunghyun sitting there with….wonbin’s voice at the background or old vids of their 1st concert