[MV] YangPa – Ghost (Ghost OST) (ft Tara’s Ji Yeon & SuperNova’s Geon Il)

DOWNLOAD (81mb):


  1. thanks

  2. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    I’m waiting for this

    Thanks for your sharing

  3. yuri lin · ·

    Thanks so much..^^

  4. thank youuu… i miss watching geonil…
    and please be patient for my email ^^;;

  5. geonil~~~!!!!!
    I so miss ChoShinSung >_<
    thank you so much for the MV^^

  6. Funzee · ·

    Miss Geon Il so much… ^^
    Thanks …

  7. good song , thanks!!!

  8. thank you so much, i’ve been looking for geonil stuff, teehee~

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