[MV] Wonder Girls – Nobody (Eng Ver)

preparing for their American debut ~ yeah ~ whatever ~
there’re already many reactions from american “music-fans”. some are interested, some are … “These girls really can’t sing nor dance” … don’t believe me ? big grin go and search for it yourself.


  1. Exsecrabilus · ·

    Thank you. I don’t really care for the Wonder Girls, but I want to watch this anyway. Thanks very much. 😛

  2. they said WG english were good
    lets try to here it.
    kajaaaa~ 🙂

  3. I agree with you! Just don’t understand why they are soooo HOT!

  4. dont need to be rude, anyone ^^

  5. tonybee12 · ·

    like korean version

  6. chizuuu · ·

    thanks ^^

  7. I’ve seen this and i like to have this,the beginning is really funny,can’t stop laughing!

  8. punkovie · ·

    thanks for sharing….
    i wish i lived in america…
    i can watch their concert with jonas brothers……

  9. evile-hyung · ·

    We really can’t avoid WG getting mixed opinions from people. But the good thing is they are getting exposure~

    I was hoping they would make a new MV but I wouldn’t mind having an english copy as well! Thanks!

  10. Thanks so much. WG Love~

  11. thanks!!!

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