[MV] SS501 – Collection (EP1)

i didnt want to upload this video … because of “some old things” when i was active at  SS501’s fansite T_T … big grin … and NO! this is not from SS501’s fansites.
anyways, it seems like many of you are trying to search for this MV ^^~ … please request for it! AND PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUT~DL Links’ve Been Updated !! have fun  ^^~
(and…is there anyone tells leader to back with his old hairstyle? tongue )


  1. minniesTT^^ · ·

    plaese upload this!!!

    i’m become SS501 fan because of your upload
    so plaese help me to reach my guys


  2. Can you please upload this i’ve been waiting for this mv for so long.. and i really want to view this.. and in youtube is not really beautiful

  3. pls upload this..thank you

  4. please can you upload this
    i really love ss501 and want to watch ^^

  5. me me
    i’d like to request it^^

  6. kulakalu · ·

    thanks for sharing.
    Plz up TP version.
    mail: lucky7_boi@yahoo.com.vn

  7. I”m requesting this! 😀
    I absolutely love SS501!
    Please and Thank you!

  8. I’m request for this file..
    Thank you

  9. hello! requesting for the part .002
    thanks for sharing this wif us 🙂

  10. hello! can i request the file please….

  11. Request please 😀
    & ty!

  12. noelinha · ·

    I´m request please^^ thanks!

  13. yeah, i really want to watch this ver.

    share to everyone, please

  14. jiabidan · ·

    please upload it….

    thanks so much for the hard work….

  15. wooo~
    i’ll definetily want it

  16. i’m requesting this file
    pliss upload it

  17. tonybee12 · ·

    Up please

  18. wanaini · ·

    me vote for this too!!

  19. MoOoJi · ·

    plz….I want it :)…tnx

  20. zenitshu · ·

    I’m requesting this too.. thx.. ^^

  21. I wantttttt ittttt… Thanks so much…
    Oh… Whats wrong with you and the old fansite? You was SS501’s fan?? 😀 I love Leader. I love his old style and I even love his style nowadays more 😀 Simply i’m crazy because of him.. And i also fall in love with Hongki because of your upload 😀 Thanks for it. Such a talented singer~~

  22. ypaine · ·

    I’m requesting this mv…
    I want to see hyun joong oppa!!!
    please upload it… thx… 🙂

  23. i request for it..plz

  24. i request for it..plz i really wanna see it

  25. request for the video
    u want to watch KHJ :p

  26. *Typo error

    Its really very disappointing that HyunJoong grow back his old hairstyle. The short one is much much nicer ! D:

  27. evri ness · ·

    may i have it pls??thanks 😀

  28. Dear, u have a golden heart. I want to donwload this. Thanx 4 sharing!!

  29. I request this!! if possible in smaller size.. komawoyo..

  30. sorry every body … but I can’t understand -_-

    tell me .. How can upload it ?!*.*

    because I’m also wanna watched ??^^

    thanx for every thing

  31. hailey… would you keep uploading them for me??? *over confident mode on* =D
    thanks a lot!! *hugzz*

  32. MoOoJi · ·

    plz…i want it…tnx 🙂

  33. seimasen · ·

    ss501 new mv……. i want it,,, i want it,,, i definitely want it.
    is it still open? to request the mv?
    i request it. please….

    (there’s a link but looks like not for the mv)

  34. sool47 · ·

    thanks for sharing ^^

  35. wanaini · ·

    im downloading this one~
    thank u very much….

  36. hey.. thanks ya for the link 🙂

  37. thank you so much… ^^

  38. THANK you soo mcuh!!

  39. thank you!

  40. matsurika · ·

    thank you soooo much~

  41. azi_ara · ·

    Thank you so much for sharing… ^-^

  42. COURTNEYY · ·

    they all looook soo smexy in this vid;]
    thanks so much.
    and hope everything is okay with the other fansites =.=


  43. thank you!!!! i love them.

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