2NE1 – Fire [Inkigayo 090628] (HD 1920X1088)

333REQUEST NOW !!! winkingLinks Updated !! have fun  ^^~



  1. NinGhyuk · ·

    I want it !!!
    Please upload T ^ T

  2. request link

  3. Like i get it. always request no respond

  4. @ jack : hey ! be polite !! ok ?
    after ur request , the links are always updated ON THE POST!
    u should comeback later to get the link AND MY RESPOND!!!

    and hey! if wordpress is in a good condition THEN…this is ur first time requesting ??? no ?
    or maybe …well..second!

    anyways, uploading such a HUGE FILE isn’t easy AT ALL!!! (esp mediafire’s speed..is a pain T_T)
    SO..please at least SHOW ME A LITTLE RESPECT.
    AND…if u don’t like me or get nothing from my blog then..why would u even come here ???

    oh yeah ~ like i care ~

  5. Requesting…Wanna support your hard work,

  6. xangel429x · ·

    requesting plz!!! thanks for the hard work!!

  7. HillTop · ·

    i want it too! pls pls upload! 🙂

  8. wanaini · ·

    i’m requesting this too~

    hurm….i think it’s not true coz the links always UP when there’s enough request for the file….
    just be patient~

  9. hihi 🙂
    im requesting
    THANKYOU! ^^
    please upload 😀 😀 😀

  10. hi… may i request the perf? thanks a lot

  11. Im request

    ThaNK Youuu


  12. pls continue uploading. some people just want and they dont know how hard it actually is to upload anything. plus your stuff always has the best quality.

  13. I need it.

    Thanks so much

  14. T^T!
    give me please!

  15. ohh~~
    pls i want the HD version
    they look just great in these outfits =D
    thanks for your hard work ❤

  16. i need it, thanks 🙂

  17. 3 link is deleted re upload plz T<T

  18. please reupload ^_^

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